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Say Goodbye to Non-Converting Emails with Emailutile.

M2 PRESSWIRE-August 2, 2019-: Say Goodbye to Non-Converting Emails with Emailutile



Digital marketing experts around the world note that the best tool for marketing, lead generation, lead conversion, and the subsequent generation of sales is email. To these experts, email could easily be the single-most powerful currency when it comes to attaining business goals in the digital world.

Among other reasons, the perception of email as a critical marketing currency lies in the fact that email is personal, just about everyone in the world has an active email account (over 3 billion users), and that individuals are highly likely to open emails when those emails are targeted and sent to personal accounts. As a result, every company wishing to make a breakthrough in the digital world needs to have the tools and the means to leverage this gold mine.

In recent years, the use of email marketing as a digital marketing strategy has been on the rise. But this trend hasn't always worked for everyone because of the high cost of marketing until today. Having figured out that the reason why many companies are reluctant to use email marketing exhaustively lies in the cost of creating automated and highly responsive email templates, one company came up with an incredible solution, access to the best automatic and highly responsive email template builder.

The company behind the email template builder, Emailutile seeks to meet needs and fill the gap in email marketing by providing individuals and businesses with high-end email template builders. The template builders are highly responsive, which means that they work seamlessly on desktop and mobile phones - the designs of the templates allow the email layout to adapt to use on different devices. But the best of the builder's features is its drag-and-drop function which allows customization from different devices. The templates are highly editable and thank the blocks of plain text; users can incorporate their custom blocks to meet their brands' specifications. On top of all these, the templates feature API integrations for email marketing platforms, as well as e-commerce platforms such as Shopify.

The templates are available affordably at a minimum monthly fee of $15 per month in the starter package and $50/ month for the professional package. Going by the market rates, these rates are quite friendly since each plan features excellent features for marketing.

Emailutile is an online, cloud-based site that offers an advanced email marketing tool in the form of a robust, responsive, and an intuitive email template builder.

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Date:Aug 2, 2019
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