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Vehicular Lightweighting: Path. Strategy. Endgame: The automaker with the best solution for reducing weight will be the one with the clearest vision of the endgame and the strategy to get there. Feb 1, 2020 1551
Designing & Engineering Safety for Racing: Think of it as "safety fast.". Jun 1, 2019 1630
POWERTRAIN: Iron in Detroit: At the North American International Auto Show, high-performance engines had a starring role. Mar 1, 2019 894
Aerogels: Moving from Outer to Inner Space: A new generation of cross-linked polymer aerogels could revolutionize interiors. Dec 1, 2018 1312
Questioning the Electric Vehicle Orthodoxy. Nov 1, 2018 1371
Ever-Evolving Automotive Electronics. Sep 1, 2018 1403
Better Braking--By Wire: Brake-by-wire systems not only eliminate mechanical brake actuation, they can even greatly enhance a vehicle's dynamic performance. Jun 1, 2018 987
The Devil is in the Details for Lightweighting. May 1, 2018 1338
THE FIVE PERCENT SOLUTION: Ford heads to England to find a V6 diesel suitable for the all-American F-150. Mar 1, 2018 1083
Multiple Choices for Light, High-Performance Chassis. Cover story Oct 1, 2017 1755
Engine evaluation from the inside. Mar 1, 2017 1437
Driving toward vehicle automation: the building blocks necessary for vehicle automation are falling into place, but will the transition be swift or steady? Dec 1, 2016 1399
The EV future: battery electric vehicles may be coming to a suburban driveway near you sooner than you might think--especially if your neighbors buy premium cars. Sep 1, 2016 1474
Diminutive Duramax diesel: big on performance: GM gives its mid-size pickup customers what they've been clamoring for, a clean and quiet, high-torque, fuel-efficient diesel. Dec 1, 2015 1059
Dan Gurney creates a new engine: Dan Gurney may be 84 years old, but his Moment Canceling 4 Stroke engine design shows his mind is as sharp as ever. Nov 1, 2015 1352
Making the case for lithium-ion batteries: lithium-ion batteries have become the technology of choice for EVs, and falling costs and rising energy levels could keep them on top for nearly two decades. Sep 1, 2015 2301
Ford: focuses on the future of mobility & manufacturing. Sep 1, 2015 1410
Safety & autonomy: autonomous vehicles are either right around the corner or years away, but the effect they have on vehicle safety depends a lot on getting everything right. Jun 1, 2015 1415
Plastics: the tortoise and the hare: plastic may not be in the news as much as some automotive materials these days, but its gram-by-gram assimilation could accelerate dramatically. Mar 1, 2015 1016
2015 Chevy Trax: shows timing is everything: Chevys Trax could have launched in late 2012, but the 2015 model is a better vehicle because of the delay. Mar 1, 2015 1020
2015 Lexuc RC: the pursuit of performance: this new coupe is another signal that Lexus has dramatically changed in how its vehicles look, perform, and handle. Dec 1, 2014 1192
2015 Mustang: tradition meets technology: global sales and tough competition push the Mustang to adopt technology that formerly was unaffordable, but now is indispensable. Nov 1, 2014 1409
Creating a low-cost Chassis architecture: the engineers at Zenos Cars have combined recycled carbon fiber, drinking straws and aluminum to create a chassis for a low-volume sports car. Oct 1, 2014 1587
Sharper Focus for the Hyundai Sonata. Oct 1, 2014 894
Racing toward electrification: Audi, Porsche and Toyota showed different approaches to vehicle electrification as they squared off at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Sep 1, 2014 1140
Steeling for battle. May 1, 2014 1005
2014 Toyota highlander improvement through engineering. Feb 1, 2014 1071
FEV pursuing & developing powertrain performance: making powertrain technologies work together isn't enough, says FEV. Today, every system in the vehicle must work together to manage energy use. Oct 1, 2013 966
Basic building blocks for EVs: you can purpose build or you can spread your risks when developing a car powered by electricity. Aug 1, 2013 891
The future of powertrains everything but the kitchen sink: the 2016 to 2025 cafe standards will bring many significant alterations to automotive powertrains, with even more and greater change to follow. Editorial Jul 1, 2013 976
The building blocks of safety: getting to today's safety systems took time, effort and integration of formerly discrete systems, but it is only the beginning. Jun 1, 2013 1139
Steel strikes back again: the steel industry is working on new material grades and processes in order to keep its position as the material of choice in the auto industry. May 1, 2013 1202
A field guide to hybrid drive systems: there are just four basic types of hybrid, but many permutations. Apr 1, 2013 1341
The 2013 Cadillac ATS: development time well spent: GM engineers were obsessive in their attention to detail when developing the Cadillac ATS. And the results are notable. Sep 1, 2012 1287
Developing airbags: as airbags become more plentiful, the drive is on to reduce weight and cut development time while creating a set of common components. Jun 1, 2012 877
Interiors: battle of the bulk: by rethinking designs and working toward more efficient solutions, seats will be major contributors to vehicle downsizing and lightweighting. May 1, 2012 1129
Kia's latest rid: Kia's redesigned B-segment car is so close to the mark it should cause worry among the world's top tier automakers. Nov 1, 2011 1491
A family Prius for the Prius family: the Prius v uses many of the familiar building blocks to produce a cargo and people hauler aimed at active families that might otherwise opt for traditional small SUVs and crossovers. Jul 1, 2011 1429
Developing the Nissan NV: Nissan is entering the commercial van market with what it claims is its toughest, most thoroughly researched product ever. Mar 1, 2011 1148
2011 Hyundai Elantra the fifth generation comes fast: Hyundai's product onslaught continues with a new compact that's bigger, more stylish and more efficient than its predecessor. And its development cycle is faster than the competition. Jan 1, 2011 1144
The hybrid conundrum: without government regulations and incentives, will the consumer demand exist to support production volumes? Feb 1, 2009 484
Mini E(lectric) Nissan's EV and battery plans. Feb 1, 2009 664
The greater good: as evidence global warming is altering the environmental landscape wanes, calls for action increase while liberty and freedom hang in the balance. Feb 1, 2009 799
Icon A5 Light Sport Aircraft. Jan 1, 2009 537
Powertrains: key considerations: in addition to developing new technologies, the auto industry also must educate consumers and regulators as to what's possible, what isn't, and how to tell the difference. Survey Jan 1, 2009 984
BMW 335d: the "d" stands for "diesel" but could just as well stand for "desirable". Jan 1, 2009 481
There's no business in show business: the business model for the auto show is broken. Can it be fixed? Jan 1, 2009 781
A designer for all seasons: though he had trouble coping with the cold the first time around, Larry Erickson has made Detroit his home and teaching future designers his vocation. Dec 1, 2008 998
The changing definition of "niche vehicles": once the playground of exotic car makers, the definition of a niche vehicle has expanded to include image vehicles for mainstream OEMs, and specialist models produced on high-volume platforms. Dec 1, 2008 2192
Days of tuning past: I may not have done a lot, but I did something. And that's the point. Dec 1, 2008 835
The reconfigurable display revolution: handled properly, development of these devices will have a positive impact on the relationship between supplier and OEM, and OEM and customer. Nov 1, 2008 1115
Silicone sleeve grain embossing: forget about cutting steel embossing rollers. Germany's Benecke-Kaliko has replaced them with laser-cut silicone sleeves that impart greater depth and definition. Nov 1, 2008 630
Does motorsports matter? If you build your motorsports program from the grassroots up, feed what you learn directly into R&D, and manage it to add to the bottom line--like Mazda--the answer is: "yes.". Nov 1, 2008 700
Piquette Avenue: sometimes, leaving the past behind leads you right back to where you started. Nov 1, 2008 844
GM'S LS9 V8: life under pressure: moving from the LS7 to the LS9 required a lot of detail work, and surprisingly few new parts. Oct 1, 2008 1749
Honda's fit is trim: though slightly larger, roomier, and more powerful than before, the 2009 Fit combines sportiness and refinement in a package with global reach. Editorial Oct 1, 2008 914
2009 Cadillac CTS-V: fast car, fast program: the performance integration engineers had one goal, to develop a sport sedan of uncompromising performance and luxury in just 24 months. Oct 1, 2008 920
Not this time: Detroit wants your tax money. They shouldn't get it. Oct 1, 2008 830
Chris Theodore: keeping performance alive: the CEO of ASC and Saleen sees this time of higher gas prices and tighter emissions regulations as the perfect opportunity for domestic automakers to grab the imagination of the next generation by increasing their reliance on niche manufacturers. Sep 1, 2008 803
The future of electric steering assist: will full-electric assist replace electro-hydraulic or is there room for both? Sep 1, 2008 641
Acoustic quality control: filtering out background noises and listening through an acoustic lens allows SenSound to listen for defects at near line speed. Sep 1, 2008 621
Dodge challenger: mopar's modern muscle car: what you get when you combine a modern rear-drive sedan with reruns of that '70s show. Sep 1, 2008 948
Kia's Borrego: right vehicle, wrong time? No matter how good the engineering, high gas prices and a soft economy are tough hurdles for any SUV to overcome. Sep 1, 2008 953
Skeptics welcome: just saying your vehicles have improved isn't enough. You have to prove it every day to a public unwilling to accept your claims. Sep 1, 2008 777
Opening doors to the future: as the head of the Art Center College of Design's Transportation School, Stewart Reed is having a profound effect on designs that have yet to be realized. Aug 1, 2008 1214
Electronics. Aug 1, 2008 1307
Gas from Washington? We can't if we want the auto industry to survive. That much is clear by the steps taken thus far to teach OEMs a lesson. Aug 1, 2008 857
Tiguan: VW's hybrid SUV: forget about batteries and electric motors. This hybrid joins two vehicles on a single platform. Jul 1, 2008 1182
Bendable body beautiful: draping cloth over a movable mesh frame pushed BMW to rethink the relationship between design, production, and materials while giving birth to 'flame surfacing.'. Jul 1, 2008 755
Cognition: the sixth sense of safety: integrated safety systems require an understanding of the world around the automobile and multiple sensor types. Jul 1, 2008 760
Death row musings: Mercury's execution doesn't have to be inevitable. Jul 1, 2008 689
Are hidebound dems missing the cattle call? Jun 1, 2008 1343
(Relatively) high-volume carbon fiber: Plasan carbon composites is upping unit volume per vehicle by a factor of five. Jun 1, 2008 623
Nissan GT-R: too much is never enough. Jun 1, 2008 1039
Deja vu, again: high oil prices, a falling dollar, economic and societal malaise? It's not the 1970s, but the next best thing to it--today. Jun 1, 2008 798
A look the future: what from will the automobile industry--and mobility--take in the future? That depends as much on what role government will on how new technologies are created and deployed. May 1, 2008 657
The comedy of tragedy: if only the participants at the art center college of design's recent summit had as great a grasp of irony as they do of what's wrong with the industry, they might have had as much fun as did I. May 1, 2008 828
"M" is for "makeover": after building a number of edgy versions of the M3, BMW rethinks the formula to create a high-performance 3 Series with supercar performance and everyday usability. Apr 1, 2008 1642
Travels with Truman: that's the name of a friend's '49 Cadillac Sedanette that could teach today's Cadillac executives a thing or two about leadership. Apr 1, 2008 642
Is the v8 dead? Tougher fuel economy standards may be the end of most V8s. Mar 1, 2008 1155
VW's modularity mix-and-match: as part of its goal to surpass Toyota in worldwide sales by 2020, the VW Group has revamped its development process around a flexible modular system capable of building an increasing number of vehicles with fewer resources. Mar 1, 2008 914
Steel charts its future: coming changes in fuel economy and emission standards have put the spotlight on lightweight materials. The steel industry is readying its response. Mar 1, 2008 603
The culture war: if they fix their cultures and connect with the next generation, U.S. automakers won't follow the British to oblivion. Mar 1, 2008 812
Teaching Tata. Feb 1, 2008 385
Nano blinds for car windows: it has taken 40 years to develop, but infinitely dimmable nano-technology film is finally ready to be used in automotive glazing. Feb 1, 2008 716
De ja vue: 2009 Nissan Murano; Less overtly sporty and more upscale, the Murano is new from the ground up, yet very familiar. Feb 1, 2008 648
Swedish exotica: it's nice to see that Volvo's future product plans are about to catch up with where my dreams were eight years ago. Feb 1, 2008 666
Advancing interiors: bringing OEMs and consumers into the future requires an avant-garde interior wrapped in a non-denominational exterior, says Faurecia's Robert Fitzpatrick. Jan 1, 2008 1024
SOFC: the other fuel cell. Jan 1, 2008 306
Plastics: playing for time? Caught off guard by the ferocity with which steel defended its turf, the plastics industry is regrouping to tell automakers its side of the materials story. Jan 1, 2008 898
The fuel efficiency follies: you can't save your way out of petroleum dependency anymore than you can save your way into prosperity. Jan 1, 2008 744
Every one is a Special Project: that's why the company of the same name believes the best concept vehicles are the ones that don't look hand made. Dec 1, 2007 984
Formula 1 hybrid technology: high-speed flywheel energy recovery systems ready to hit the race track also may be coming to the street. Dec 1, 2007 643
The innovation situation: studying innovative companies across a number of industries proves there is no silver bullet for success. Dec 1, 2007 1247
Horse tales: two scenes illustrate how the Mustang story, and Ford's culture, hasn't changed much in the past 43 years. Dec 1, 2007 655
Creating future powertrains. Nov 1, 2007 377
Let there be more light. Nov 1, 2007 369
Fuel saving seating: as vehicle manufacturers turn their attention to light-weighting vehicles with new interest, interiors are under the microscope. Will this lead to lighter, thinner seating concepts? Will this focus turn first class into coach? Cover story Nov 1, 2007 808
Risk and reward: a performance sub-brand wasn't part of the Lexus plan, but that was before one man convinced management to let him create the IS F. Nov 1, 2007 974
Plastic & profits: automakers don't have to default to the aftermarket for optional trim and appearance pieces, says Auburn Engineering. With a little thought, it claims, these programs can be done in-house. Nov 1, 2007 601

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