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Saws designed to cut out the wait.

Traditionally, many concrete saws use a wet cut system that is used after the concrete has come to its final set stage, usually the next day. Corona, Calif.-based Soft-Cut International Inc. does it a little bit differently by using its patented "ultra early entry" technique that dry cuts joints as soon as the concrete is stable enough to hold without disturbing the finish--usually within as little as two hours of the final finish.

Soff-Cut has incorporated this technique into its line of concrete saws that includes its most recent developments; the X-750 Prowler saw and the X-5000 Paver saw, launched at the recent World of Concrete in Las Vegas Nv.

The X-750 Prowler and X-5000 Paver saw's extend the company's product line to 15 concrete saws ranging from a light-duty handsaw to heavy-duty self-propelled models. All the saws are available with a dry-cut diamond blade and an anti-ravel skid-plate that resists spalling and chipping, which Soff-Cut said is the key to the success of the "ultra early entry" process.

In its smaller X-750 Prowler saw, an 8 in. blade is used to cut at 1 to 1.19 in. depths, making it ideal for commercial and industrial applications such as floors and overlays. The blade is belt driven off a single-cylinder, 169 cc Robin EX17 gasoline engine rated 6 hp at 3800 rpm. The saw includes a cyclone air filter and a silencing muffler, along with a low-noise, low-dust blade block that encloses the blade.

The saw is self-propelled using an Eaton hydrostatic drive mounted within the roll cage structure that is standard throughout the Prowler series. Other features on the saw include hourmeter, built-in lift system, mechanical blade depth control and a remote retractable guide. Overall weight of the saw is 240 lb.

On the heavier end of the Soft-Cut line is the new, X-5000 Paver saw The saw has a 2 to 4 in. cut depth, depending on blade size, which ranges from 12 to 14 in. The blade is powered by a two-cylinder, 725 cc Kohler Command Pro CH740 engine rated 27 hp at 3750 rpm. The engine has hydraulic valve lifters, Cull pressure lubrication with oil cooler and a Nelson heavy-duty air cleaner.

Like the Prowler saw, the X-5000 Paver has an Eaton hydrostatic drive and many of the features of the X-750 Prowler, such as low-noise, low dust blade block enclosure, built-in lift system and mechanical depth gauge. Additional features include a switch-activated retractable guide, dual halogen headlights and a master control panel. As a fully enclosed model, the X-5000 Paver weighs in at 507 lb. and has application in large paving projects such as highway and run-way pours.

According to Soff-Cut, its line of concrete saws and their "ultra early entry" cutting systems have been used in the construction of Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Sam's Club, Target, UPS, Fedex, Lowes and Costco stores. The company manufactures its saws in Corona along with a line of blades and saw accessories.

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Date:Mar 1, 2005
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