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Authorities of Kampong Speu province temporarily shut down 10 sawmills. Dec 2, 2019 375
From Baltimore Wood Waste to Careers in Modern Design. Leahy, Ian Sep 22, 2019 583
New voice to lead northwest sawmills: Ontario cross-laminated timber project excites forestry legend Dottori. Ross, Ian Feb 1, 2019 838
Woodgrain acquires two Boise Cascade sawmills in Oregon. Nov 15, 2018 498
Missouri Sawmill Cited for Safety Violations; Faces Nearly $200K in Penalties. Brief article Sep 19, 2018 227
Maibec Sells Canadian, Maine Lumber Sawmills to Groupe Lebel. Aug 9, 2018 192
Conifex Completes Acquisition Of Arkansas, Florida Sawmills. Brief article Jul 16, 2018 248
Conifex Buys Sawmills in Arkansas, Florida. May 21, 2018 144
Advantage Trim and Lumber Acquires Two Sawmills in Brazil. Jul 17, 2017 293
Dealing with the housing crisis: A study on softwood sawmills in the southern united states. Zhang, Daowei; Lin, Ying; Sasatani, Daisuke Report Jul 1, 2017 5443
Benefits of a local lumber mill. Irwin, Janice Brief article Jun 1, 2017 244
DENR execs in ARMM seize illegal logs, close sawmills. Dec 19, 2016 370
11 trucks of illegally cut logs seized, 2 sawmills closed in Lanao Sur. Dec 18, 2016 374
Caverion enter into partnership agreement with Metsa Fibre on maintenance for sawmills in Vilppula, Finland. Nov 8, 2016 175
Caverion enter into partnership agreement with Metsa Fibre on maintenance for sawmills in Vilppula, Finland. Nov 8, 2016 176
Ridings Sawmills makes multi-million investment at Cardross base; News and quotes compiled by Ken Symon and Scott McCulloch. Sep 6, 2016 266
On-site energy consumption and selected emissions at softwood sawmills in the southwestern United States. Loeffler, Dan; Anderson, Nathaniel; Morgan, Todd A.; Sorenson, Colin B. Report Sep 1, 2016 10121
Aral's double murder. Reuschel, Ted; Reuschel, Bonnie Sep 1, 2016 1768
On-site energy consumption at softwood sawmills in Montana. Loeffler, Dan; Anderson, Nathaniel; Morgan, Todd A.; Sorenson, Colin B. Jul 1, 2016 7530
Thirty-Five Years. Jaeger, Lowell Poem Mar 22, 2016 296
Biomass power plant feedstock procurement: Modeling transportation cost zones and the potential for competition. Kizha., Anil R.; Han, Han-Sup; Montgomery, Timothy; Hohl, Aaron Report Jul 1, 2015 4513
Men at work: the Rumney Sawmill. Tokos, Cynthia Feb 20, 2015 435
Occupational hazard awareness and safety practices among Nigerian sawmill workers. Faremi, Funmilola Adenike; Ogunfowokan, Adesola Adenike; Mbada, Chidozie; Olatubi, Matthew Idowu; Og Report Oct 1, 2014 3297
Assessing the supply chain efficiency of hardwood sawmills in New York State through case study analysis and data envelopment analysis modeling. Penfield, Patrick C.; Germain, Rene; Smith, William Report Jul 1, 2014 5976
Motor-based energy consumption in West Virginia sawmills. Devaru, Dayakar G.; Maddula, Ramakrishna; Grushecky, Shawn T.; Gopalakrishnan, Bhaskaran Mar 1, 2014 6280
Factors influencing utilization of woody biomass from wood processing facilities in Mississippi. Joshi, Omkar; Grado, Stephen C.; Grebner, Donald L.; Grala, Robert K.; Munn, Ian A.; Hussain, Anwar Mar 1, 2014 6963
Talking exports. Cowan, Liz Statistical data Aug 1, 2013 712
10 Davao Norte sawmills closed down. Jul 12, 2013 260
Sawmills in Sweden and Finland Have Expanded Shipments of Lumber to Markets Outside Europe from 27% to 43% of Total Exports the Past Five Years. Jun 22, 2013 413
Variance sensitivity analysis of parameters for pruning of a multilayer perceptron: application to a sawmill supply chain simulation model. Thomas, Philippe; Suhner, Marie-Christine; Thomas, Andre Report Jan 1, 2013 10974
Energy consumption and efficiency of Appalachian hardwood sawmills. Lin, Wenshu; Wang, Jingxin; Grushecky, Shawn T.; Summerfield, David; Gopalakrishnan, Bhaskaran Jan 1, 2012 5519
Impact assessment of the 2008 to 2010 economic downturn period on Appalachian hardwood sawmill operations. Lin, Wenshu; Wang, Jingxin; DeVallance, David; Summerfield, David Nov 1, 2011 5689
Like Clockwork That Summer. Jaeger, Lowell Poem Sep 22, 2011 165
Development of an optimal three-dimensional visualization system for rough lumber edging and trimming in central Appalachia. Lin, Wenshu; Wang, Jingxin; Sharma, Benktesh May 1, 2011 7414
Happy valentine's day, Temagami Cedar. Brief article Mar 1, 2011 209
Increased yield in sawmills by applying alternate rotation and lateral positioning. Lundahl, Carl G.; Gronlund, Anders Jun 1, 2010 5629
The theory and mathematical model underlying the radial sawing simulator--RadSawSim. Istvanic, Josip; Piljak, Krunoslav; Antonovic, Alan; Lucic, Ruzica Beljo; Jambrekovic, Vladimir; Per Jan 1, 2010 4391
Impact of stand density on the quality and value of 35-year-old loblolly pine plantation sawtimber: a case study. Carino, Honorio F.; Biblis, Evangelos J. Mar 1, 2009 4095
Productivity in the U.S. and Canadian sawmill industries: a nonparametric programming analysis. Li, Yanshu; Zhang, Daowei; Nagubadi, Rao V. Dec 1, 2008 6808
A comparison of kiln-drying schedules and quality outcomes for 4/4-thickness black cherry lumber sawn from small-diameter logs. Scholl, Matthew S.; Wiedenbeck, Janice K.; Blankenhorn, Paul R.; Ray, Charles D.; Stover, Lee R.; Be Dec 1, 2008 7068
Fingerprint traceability of sawn products using industrial measurement systems for x-ray log scanning and sawn timber surface scanning. Flodin, Jens; Oja, Johan; Gronlund, Anders Nov 1, 2008 4042
Stumped by government fees: hardwood mill operator faces lengthy shutdown over government appeal. Ross, Ian Mar 1, 2008 732
Vitech Virkeshantering AB wins SEK3m lumber handling system order from Vida Borgestena AB. Brief article Nov 30, 2007 143
Finland's Ruukki Group Plc signs equipment delivery agreement for sawmill in Russia. Brief article Sep 24, 2007 168
Swedish wood products group Rorvik Timber AB acquires sawmill in Linkoping. Brief article Sep 4, 2007 199
Implementation of a real-time statistical process control system in hardwood sawmills. Young, Timothy M.; Bond, Brian H.; Wiedenbeck, Jan Sep 1, 2007 7465
Dependencies between forest products sectors: a partial equilibrium analysis. Lundmark, Robert Sep 1, 2007 7388
Finland's UPM-Kymmenen Corporation considers closing its birch veneer plywood mill - report. Brief article Aug 16, 2007 127
Modeling lumber value recovery in relation to selected tree characteristics in black spruce using the Optitek sawing simulator. Liu, Chuangmin; Zhang, S.Y.; Cloutier, Alain; Rycabel, Tadeusz Apr 1, 2007 7538
Swedish forestry group Sodra acquires saw mill Baro Wood AB. Brief article Feb 27, 2007 157
On log rotation precision. Vuorilehto, Jaakko; Tulokas, Tomi Jan 1, 2007 4039
Stora Enso Oyj completes acquisitions in Brazil. Brief article Sep 1, 2006 107
Predicting the strength of sawn wood products: a comparison between x-ray scanning of logs and machine strength grading of lumber. Oja, Johan; Kallsner, Bo; Grundberg, Stig Sep 1, 2005 3483
New forest products from Southeast Alaska: Prince of Wales Island hotbed for small sawmill operators bent on value-added commodities. Petersen, Karen; Bruns, John Aug 1, 2005 1828
Fire gives sawmill a fresh, state-of-the-art start. Larmour, Adelle Aug 1, 2005 423
Effects of radial force and tip path overlap on the ring debarking efficiency of frozen balsam fir logs. Laganiere, Benoit; Hernandez, Roger E. Mar 1, 2005 5345
Comparison of rough mill yield for white birch lumber between a conventional and a short-log sawmill. Clement, Charles; Gazo, Rado; Beauregard, Robert; Lihra, Torsten Mar 1, 2005 7518
Top sawmills. Directory Jan 1, 2005 870
Risk and feasibility of processing small-diameter material in the U.S. West Part I: structural lumber. Stewart, Hayden G.; Blatner, Keith A.; Wagner, Francis G.; Keegan, Charles, III Dec 1, 2004 6031
The fingerprint approach: using data generated by a 3D log scanner on debarked logs to accomplish traceability in the sawmill's log yard. Chiorescu, Sorin; Gronlund, Anders Dec 1, 2004 6271
Mill scaling back operations. Brief Article Aug 1, 2004 137
Value-added mill expands. Quesnel, Joseph Aug 1, 2004 454
UPM-Kymmene starts personnel negotiations in Parkano and Kajaani - report. Brief Article Jun 17, 2004 136
An analysis of machine-caused lumber shape defects in British Columbia sawmills. Rasmussen, Helen K.; Kozak, Robert A.; Maness, Thomas C. Jun 1, 2004 7266
A profile of Pennsylvania's hardwood sawmill industry. Smith, Paul M.; Dasmohapatra, Sudipta; Luppold, William G. May 1, 2004 5631
Stora Enso Timber inaugurates second sawmill in Russia. Brief Article Apr 23, 2004 125
Diagnostic analysis of board foot per ton of chips ratio for a small sawmill. Via, Brian K.; Shupe, Todd F. Apr 1, 2004 5039
Top sawmills in Northern Ontario. Illustration Apr 1, 2004 1182
Mill sale done deal. Brief Article Jan 1, 2004 94
ALOG: a spreadsheet-based program for generating artificial logs. Winn, Matthew F.; Wynne, Randolph H.; Araman, Philip A. Jan 1, 2004 3598
Simulating an extra grader in a sawmill. Reeb, James E. Nov 1, 2003 3774
A method enabling the reconstruction of internal features of logs from sawn lumber: the log end template. Geoff, R.; Smith, B.; Palmer, Graeme; Davies, Martin; Muneri, Allie Nov 1, 2003 2921
Carl Goran Bonde and Carl-Hugo Hamilton to merge sawmill businesses. Brief Article Oct 15, 2003 123
Stora Enso Timber opens sawmill in Russia. Brief Article Aug 20, 2003 103
Weyerhaeuser to close Dryden mill for good. Brief Article Aug 1, 2003 200
Tembec turns down Rosko's mill plans. Wareing, Andrew Jul 1, 2003 491
Determining the impact of sorting capacity on rip-first rough mill yield. Thomas, Edward; Brown, John Jul 1, 2003 4449
Benchmark roundwood delivery cycle-times and potential efficiency gains in the southern United States. Deckard, Donald L.; Newbold, Ray A.; Vidrine, Clyde G. Jul 1, 2003 4968
Estimating the size of the hardwood sawmill industry in Pennsylvania. (Technical Note). Smith, Paul M.; Luppold, William G.; Dasmohapatra, Sudipta Industry Overview Jun 1, 2003 3478
Online adaptive control of bandsaw feed speed using a fuzzy-neural system. Sandak, Jakub; Tanaka, Chiaki Jun 1, 2003 3681
Top Sawmills in Northern Ontario - ranked by number of full-time employees. Directory Apr 1, 2003 1167
New MSU software gives sawmills a competitive edge. (Techno News). Brief Article Apr 1, 2003 172
Unsound defect volume in hardwood pallet cants. (Technical Note). Araman, Philip A.; Winn, Matthew F.; Kabir, Mohammed F.; Torcheux, Xavier; Loizeaud, Guillaume Feb 1, 2003 2592
The effect of moisture content and bending rate on the work required to bend solid red oak. Rice, R.W.; Lucas, John Feb 1, 2003 4339
The fingerprint approach: using data generated by a 2-axis log scanner to accomplish traceability in the sawmill's log yard. Chiorescu, Sorin; Berg, Per; Gronlund, Anders Feb 1, 2003 7624
SCA to acquire four sawmills in Sweden and invest in Germany. Brief Article Dec 19, 2002 180
Lemminkainen builds three saw mills in Russia. Brief Article Oct 1, 2002 123
Sawmill in Hameenkoski, Finland damaged in fire. Brief Article Sep 9, 2002 114
Added value: Domtar set to roll out machine stress-rate lumber product. (Forestry: Special Report). Ross, Ian Brief Article Sep 1, 2002 350
Specialty wood product mill rises from ashes: value-added forest products producer thriving at a time when softwood lumber trade war is claiming casualties. (Forestry: Special Report). Ross, Ian Brief Article Sep 1, 2002 568
Stora Enso plans new sawmill investments in Russia. Brief Article Aug 5, 2002 185
Frick buzzes again: Tennessee sawyers team up to renovate historic mill. Jul 1, 2002 1329
City forecasts growth with new plant in place. (Kendra-Dryden: Special Report). Clark, Pauline Brief Article Jul 1, 2002 793
Green marketing of softwood lumber in western North America and Nordic Europe. (Management). Karna, Jari; Hansen, Eric; Juslin, Heikki; Seppala, Jarno Statistical Data Included May 1, 2002 4700
First nation boasts new park: Bowater on board as anchor tenant in new industrial park. Winkelaar, Felix Brief Article Jan 1, 2002 981
Mill proponent turns to private-sector investors. Ross, Ian Sep 1, 2001 678
Sharing resources benefits all. FAYE, DONNA Sep 1, 2001 761
0MB approves development in Sault. Brief Article Aug 1, 2001 159
Labour dispute ends. Brief Article Jun 1, 2001 121
Mill construction begins. Brief Article Jun 1, 2001 108
More EU Lumber to the United States. Brief Article Feb 1, 2001 109
Fire destroys sawmill. Brief Article Jan 1, 2001 86
First Nation seeks mill. Brief Article Jan 1, 2001 202
Wood-Mizer Develops Forestry Curriculum. Brief Article Nov 1, 2000 121
Weyerhaeuser investing $400-M. WEYERHAEUSER, FREDERICK Brief Article Nov 1, 2000 1001
Sault mill may expand product line. Ross, Ian Brief Article Nov 1, 2000 440
Aristokraft's Rough Mill of the Future. Brief Article Dec 1, 1999 354
From dust to dawn: Southeast awakens to a new era of prosperity after sawmill closures left it in the dark. Swagel, Will Oct 1, 1998 1471
The friendly swap. Dimond, Kathy May 1, 1996 1059
Turning old mills into industrial opportunities. Jun 1, 1995 323
I built a traversing-beam sawmill for under $1,000. Sellers, Dick Jun 1, 1994 6371
Breathe free. Nixon, Will Feb 1, 1994 456
No old-growth needed. Clark, Earl Nov 1, 1993 1700
Indiana's international business person of the year. Murphy, Scott Oct 1, 1993 593
Union effects on productivity: evidence from Western U.S. sawmills. Mitchell, Merwin W.; Stone, Joe A. Oct 1, 1992 4778
Tracking Alaska's timber: Seward sawmill may be key to new timber industry growth. Richardson, Jeffrey Industry Overview Oct 1, 1992 2366
Fortunes reversed at White River mill. Rapino, Robin Oct 1, 1992 458
Thunder Bay sawmills scramble to find buyers for surplus of wood chips created by mill's closing. Krejlgaard, Chris Sep 1, 1991 490
Diamonds in the rough mill. Jun 1, 1991 2331
Larder Lake mill finds market for metric-sized lumber. Mar 1, 1991 517
Collins Almanor: a selective forest. Little, Jane Braxton May 1, 1989 1807
Chilkoot Lumber aims to light up Haines. Kleeschulte, Chuck company profile Feb 1, 1989 1526

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