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Saw blade having liquid transport cavity for use with lubricating guide support assembly. (Patents).

A saw arrangement includes the combination of a circular saw blade and a lubricating guide support assembly. The circular saw blade includes a saw plate having openings formed therein and carbide insert teeth disposed circumferentially about the saw plate. The lubricating guide support assembly includes two guide supports each having a bearing surface disposed immediately adjacent opposite sides of the saw plate at a spacing to the cutting area for proper alignment of the saw blade during cutting. At least one of the guide supports includes a recessed area containing liquid exposed to the saw plate whereat a thin film of the liquid is applied to the saw plate as it passes by the recessed area during cutting. The openings are arranged on the saw plate to pass by the recessed area and are dimensioned to receive liquid therein for transport away from the recessed area. When each opening clears the bearing surfaces of the guide supports the liquid transported therein is distributed to the saw plate and the cuttin g area including the carbide insert teeth by air turbulence and inertial forces. Such a saw blade having a thickness at least as small as 0.080 inches is used to cut lumber from Southern Yellow Pine.

ISSUE DATE: 04/18/00. INVENTOR(S): Gravely; Robert Wayne, Denton, NC, et al. ASSIGNEE(S): Cutting Edge Designs, L.L.C. NUMBER OF CLAIMS: 20. PATENT NUMBER: 6050163.
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Date:Sep 1, 2002
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