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Saving money could risk lives; VIEWPOINTS.

MY daughter is severely disabled and suffers from a severe form of myoclonic epilepsy.

Any change of any sort of her medication can have a very severe and adverse effect on her condition (which is life limiting) and can push her into status epilepticus, a dangerous and life threatening condition.

I have to wonder, if pharmacists decide to issue my daughter with a cheap version of her epileptic drugs, not authorised by her GP, and she goes into status and dies would I be able to sue the pharmacist? Have they any idea what they are playing about with here, all for the sake of saving money before lives? Why is it that everything these days revolves around profit, money and pure greed? P Yendle Ffordd Gerdinan, Tonteg
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Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Aug 6, 2009
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