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Saving and printing.

Saving your document at different stages of the drawing is highly recommended. Depending on the CAD user hardware reliability, saving your work in progress will prevent loosing any data by a system crash or failure due to hardware malfunction, computer viruses, severe weather, Internet traffic connection, memory capacity, and others. To save a document, look under File at the top of the toolbar, scroll down and select save. The Save command works on the same standardized computer software format. The pop-up menu window will require the CAD user to give a file name and location to save the document. Just follow the pop-up menu windows accordingly.

To print the drawing, look under File at the top of the toolbar and select Plot. This will launch the Plot pop-up menu window (figure 1-125). Make sure that the Printer/Plotter, Paper Size, Plot Style Table (Pen Assignments), Plot Area (Layout), Plot Scale (1:1), and Drawing Orientation are set as per user preference. Hit the Preview button to get an image of your Plot-printed drawing (figure 1-126).

If the preview window shows the document set as per user preference, just hit the Print button icon located on the top of the toolbar of the preview window. Also hitting ESC will return the user to the previous window; here, hitting the OK button will print the document.



Print PDF and E-mail to a Service Provider

Saving or plotting your drawing as a Portable Document Format (PDF) is becoming the easy way to e-mail your CAD drawing document. The PDF format was first introduced in 1993 by Adobe Systems to provide an easy format that is readable by the most common desktop software used in an office environment. This format also compressed the large memory size (bytes) of the document, making it easy for electronic transmission (e-mail). Also, this format is the most compatible with all kinds of printer devices, making it easy to plot regardless of CAD printer system requirement.

Readers, please refer to the third chapter of this book for further instructions on how to import a CAD drawing into Adobe Photoshop CS2 as a PDF format.

author's note

CAD users are aware that the printer settings of the local desktop will always override the printer settings of the AutoCAD software or any active software printing settings. Make sure that, before launching any application, the local printer setting of your desktop is set to user preference.

By Professor Jose R. Buitrago

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