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Saving America's Countryside: A Guide to Rural Conservation.

Saving America's Countryside: A Guide to Rural Conservation, by Samuel N. Stokes, principal author. Johns Hopkins Press, 701 West 40th St., Suite 275, Baltimore, MD 21211 (1989). Black-and-white photos, large-format, 306 pp., Hardcover, $42.50; softcover, $16.95.

For everyone who has ever wondered how to offer alternatives to development-as-usual, this book may be the most readable, most practical, and most informed by real experience. Stokes and the other authors offer case studies from across the country showing how citizen groups, local governments, and individuals have changed the course of history for lands and buildings worth preserving.

This is both a textbook on rural development and conservation as well as a community organizer's handbook. The authors cover everything from laws to regulate development to conducting a tour of historic homes. Not every reader will agree with all the measures the authors propose, but then no one cooks every recipe in a cookbook either.

The 28 community stories demonstrate that Americans have saved more by reasonable and cooperative action than by brassy and divisive protests. They also prove that the theories presented in this book can be put into practice.
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Author:Kaufman, Wallace
Publication:American Forests
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Sep 1, 1991
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