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Saveris 2 Wi-Fi data logger system.

Testo has introduced the Saveris 2 Wi-Fi data logger system, which precisely measures and records temperature and humidity measurements and transmits them to the testo Cloud via an existing wireless network. The measurement values are then securely stored online, and can be called up at any time using a Smartphone, tablet, or PC.

The system is plug and play, with no software needed to be installed. The only requirements are an Internet connection, wireless LAN, and a normal web browser. In addition to being able to view and evaluate the data from anywhere in the world, an email and/or text message immediately notifies users when alarm thresholds have been exceeded.

Testo Saveris 2 Wi-Fi data loggers have integrated sensors for temperature and humidity measurement or external probes which can be connected to meet a wide variety of applications, including pharmaceutical storage, server rooms, facility management, blood banks, supermarkets, and museums. The data is securely stored on both the Wi-Fi logger and in the testo Cloud.

Testo, Inc.

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Publication:Medical Laboratory Observer
Date:Aug 1, 2015
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