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Pneumothorax is a medical condition caused by air trapped in the space between the wall of the chest cavity and the lung. It often results in reduced lung capacity or a collapsed lung, and if not properly diagnosed and quickly treated, pneumothorax can cause death in minutes. Quick and accurate diagnosis and monitoring of a pneumothorax can save lives and reduce morbidity. To that end, researchers at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Calif., and BIOMEC, Inc., Cleveland Ohio, have developed the Noninvasive Pneumotborax Detector, a handheld medical diagnostic device based on ultra wideband (UWB) technology for the detection of pneumothorax in real time.

The Noninvasive Pneumothorax Detector can operate anywhere. It provides quick and accurate detection and continuous monitoring of a patient's pneumothorax with a graphical user interface. Its portable, flexible design, based on UWB technology, is immune to acoustic background noise and electromagnetic interference. It is noninvasive and can be used without attaching sensors to the patient. Its spatial accuracy ensures no interference with other devices. Its medically safe, compact, lightweight assembly is low-cost and consumes low amounts of electrical power. The Noninvasive Pneumothorax Detector is suitable for use in a hospital or in the field for civilian or military use.

* Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory,

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Title Annotation:Life Science
Publication:R & D
Date:Sep 1, 2007
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