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Save Money on Your International Transfers.

If you want to buy a holiday home overseas, emigrate to the sun or send money to friends and family in another country you will need to make an international money transfer.

Traditionally this would have been done with a bank, but the Coventry Telegraph has teamed up with Moneycorp to provide access to industry experts, focussed on delivering their customer needs.

BANK-BEATING EXCHANGE RATES Exchange rates can make a big difference if you are sending money overseas.

The exchange experts Moneycorp, offers rates which are typically 2 to 3pc better than a high street bank, so on a transfer of PS10,000 you could save around PS250.

How many euros you get for PS10,000...

Barclays [euro]11,921 RBS [euro]11,974 HSBC [euro]12,039 MONEYCORP [euro]12,219 * This table is based on exchange rate comparisons taken on 4th June 2014 from HSBC, Barclays, RBS and Moneycorp.

LOW TRANSFER FEES It's not only Moneycorp's exchange rates that will save you money - the transfer fees are highly competitive too. Banks tend to charge as much as PS40 for each transfer. But, with the Coventry Telegraph service the fees are as low as PS4 for online transfers and are no higher than PS10 if transferring over the phone. If you're making monthly payments you could save as much as PS432 a year.

EXPERT GUIDANCE If you are buying or building a property for instance, timing and changes in the market can be the difference of up to a 10% increase in the sterling amount required just from the time of paying a deposit to completion of the purchase.

We can remove this uncertainty by securing a rate upon acceptance of an offer to ensure you do not end up having to pay more.

Every customer of the Coventry Telegraph service is assigned their own personal account manager from Moneycorp who will be able to offer expert guidance on how to manage exchange rate fluctuations.

SAFETY You can rest easy knowing your money is in the hands of a highly trusted and experienced organisation. Last year alone Moneycorp handled 6.4 million transactions trading over PS10 billion in currencies. Moneycorp is authorised and regulated by the FCA for the provision of payment services and has been helping individuals, families and businesses get more out of their international money transfers since 1979.

"I need to move money to Hong Kong on an ad-hoc basis" says William Parabina, "I was tired of being charged high fees and receiving less than great exchange rates for my money transfers from my bank. I saw Moneycorp advertised in the paper offering better rates and fees, so thought I'd check them out.

Not only did they offer me an excellent exchange rate to buy Hong Kong dollars but the transfer fees were a fraction of what my bank was going to charge me.

The service was great. The account managers at Moneycorp are really friendly, nice and helpful and explained the whole process clearly and were upfront about how much it would cost me and what I'd get for my pounds. But, I mostly did everything online, which was really simple and quick to use - I was able to get everything done and sent my transfer in no time at all.

I'd definitely recommend the service and have already told a few friends to take a look at it. It's quick, simple and saved me a significant sum of money too." Moneycorp have a track record of helping thousands of people save money on their international transfers every year with excellent customer service both online and over the phone.

Get in touch now to find out more about Moneycorp's money-saving and hassle-free international money transfers with the Coventry Telegraph. It's free to open an account and there's no obligation to send any money.
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Date:Oct 18, 2014
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