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Savannah, Ga., transitions to curbside recycling.

Black and yellow carts, accompanied by a packet containing a recycling guide, pickup schedule and other useful information, were delivered to 48,000 Savannah, Ga., households in December as the city prepared to roll out single-stream curbside recycling.

A public rally was held to draw attention to the January 5 implementation as part of an education campaign that will run throughout the year. Savannah is using strategic advertising, participation in local events, partnerships and media relations to educate residents on the benefits of the change.

The city is working with the Curbside Value Partnership (CVP), a national program funded by members of the Aluminum Association and Can Manufacturers Institute that engages communities, haulers, material recovery facilities and other stakeholders to improve curbside recycling programs.

More than 40 communities throughout the nation benefit from CVP's expertise and are helping to drive more materials into mills and make local recycling programs more profitable and sustainable.

"Savannah is excited to offer curbside recycling to our residents, and we are proud to have been selected as a partner community by CVP," said Bureau of Sanitation Director Stephanie Cutter. "With CVP's support and their valuable resources and expertise, we anticipate being able to convey to residents how easy and convenient single-stream curbside recycling really is."

Collected materials are being transported to a private recovery facility, where they are sorted, sold to various vendors and eventually manufactured into new products.

Savannah residents previously had to take their glass bottles, food cans and newspapers to drop-off locations.

Details: Stephanie Cutter at (912) 651-6581
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Date:Jul 20, 2009
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