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Sausage and Processed Meat Formulations.

Sausage and Processed Meat Formulations

by Herbert W Ockerman Considering how many meat products they are, it is perhaps surprising that 'recipe' books for them are so few and far between. Of course, recipes are an essential way of extending meat to cut its cost per portion and such recipes also offer the opportunity of utilizing the whole animal - they are not all steaks!

With this book the author has sought to take the lid of this subject area which seems to have been shrouded in some secrecy. Here we have a large number of basic formulations together with variations. At the same time he has included formulae for non meat ingredients that are used in certain formulations, like sauces and curing brines. Each formulation is listed in four categories: major ingredients; curing and spice ingredients; processing procedures; and cooking forms. In most cases the major ingredients can be combined with any curing and spice ingredient, and then combined with any processing procedure and any cooking form, so that, as the author says, there must be a million possible combinations of ingredients and procedures here.

From the above it may be appreciated that the text is basically tabular and the information supplied runs through the whole gamut of sausages, salamis, meat loaves, patties and other processed meat products. In alphabetical order the text begins with Bacon, beef, brine cure and finishes with Wick-a-wack but on the way it deals with most of the other products you can think of, like beef loaf, blood and tongue sausage, blood head cheese, bratwurst, chorizos, jerkey, liver pate, pickled pig feet, rabbit sausage, sweet sour loaf, vegetable loaf and many many others.
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Author:Binsted, Howard
Publication:Food Trade Review
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Date:Dec 1, 1989
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