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Saudi Arabia - Southern Area - Ralph Parsons.

This five-year job for Hawiyah, a Ghawar field, called for a 300,000 b/d GOSP and for expansion of two GOSPs, a 1.35m b/d sea-water injection plant and an extension to the sea-water treatment unit at Qurrayah. By July 1992 completion of the water injection pipeline raised Ghawar's capacity with a 150,000 b/d GOSP added at Farzan. In February 1992 Bechtel/CCC got the job to build a 300,000 b/d GOSP and expand by 300,000 b/d to 1.2m b/d two others at Hawiyah.

Hawiyah is the site of a huge plant processing non-associated gas. Haradh, a Ghawar, is the site of a plant processing 1,620 MCF/d of non-associated gas since late 2003. Two contracts were given later in 1992 to update controls for the crude oil processing centre at Abqaiq field to the north of Ghawar and a gas plant at Ghawar's Uthmaniyah. Adding the Farzan GOSP to a 300,000 b/d GOSP for Udayliyah meant another 520,000 b/d in new Ghawar capacity.
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Publication:APS Review Oil Market Trends
Date:Oct 3, 2011
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