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Saturn section.

For the current apparition of Saturn (2013) observations have so far been received from Paul G. Abel (UK), Gianluigi Adamoli (Italy), David Arditti (UK), Trevor Barry (Australia), Kevin Bailey (UK), Stefan Buda (Australia), Alan Clitherow (UK), Peter Edwards (UK), Andrew Foster (Gabon, Africa), Mike Foulkes (UK), David Graham (UK), Chris Go (Philippines), Stuart Goldstraw (UK), David Gray (UK), Alan W. Heath (UK), Rik Hill (USA), Wayne Jaeschke (USA), Ray Johnson (Australia), Manos Kardasis (Greece), Pete Lawrence (UK), Bill Leatherbarrow (UK), Martin Lewis (UK), Paul Maxson (USA), Darryl Milika & Pat Nicholas (Australia), Damian Peach (UK), Jim Phillips (USA), John S. Sussenbach (the Netherlands), Dave Tyler (UK) and Anthony Wesley (Australia). Both Barry and Maxson provided a very long series of observations.

One of the significant events of this apparition was the detection of the angular structure of the North Polar Hexagon in a number of high-resolution amateur observations. In addition, a small dark northern hemisphere spot has been tracked throughout the apparition. Both of these features plus other points of interest were described in an interim report published in the 2013 June edition of the BAA Journal.

Observations of Uranus for the 2012 apparition have been provided by Abel, Bailey, Foulkes, Gray, Richard Haddon (UK), Stanislas Maksymowicz (France) and Peach. Maksymowicz provided a long series of visual observations made with a number of differing telescopes and a detailed assessment of his own observations.

Some visual observations of Uranus showed a blank disk whereas others showed some faint bands which lay parallel to the planet's equator.

On 2012 September 8, Peach provided a detailed image of Uranus taken at 685nm. This image taken with a 45-minute integration time showed bright and dark bands on the planets disk.

Maksymowicz provided the only observation of Neptune reported during the 2012 apparition.

The 2007-'08 apparition report for Saturn was recently published (see the 2012 August Journal). A short presentation of the results from this apparition was given at the 2013 March 27 BAA meeting.

Dr Richard McKim has been assisting in helping clear the backlog of apparition reports. He has generated reports for the 1994-' 95 and 1995'96 apparitions which have been approved for publication.

Sussenbach has continued to maintain the Section website which includes a representative set of recent observations of the three planets.

I supported the two Back to Basics meetings held during the session, at Bedford on 2012 October 14 and at Durham on 2013 March 9. Presentations were given on observing the planets.

Posters and a Powerpoint presentation describing the work of the Section were prepared for the Exhibition held in Manchester on 2013 June 21. I would like to thank Dr John Rogers for not only taking this presentation material to the Exhibition but also for setting the material up and maintaining the stand in my unavoidable absence.

Mike Foulkes, Director

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