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Saturday Jobs: Spot the psycho boss.

DOES your boss make Robert Maxwell look like Larry the Lamb? Then he or she could well be a corporate psychopath!

Apparently, many high flying bosses share the same personality traits as psychopaths. For example, a cold-blooded ability to manipulate others, a lack of remorse, high energy levels, oodles of charm, a huge ego, and being extremely vain. They are also insincere and arrogant.

However negative, these qualities can come in very useful in business, and people with these characteristics often end up in top posts in the military, politics or large multi-national companies.

But psycho bosses be warned! A new test has been designed which could wheedle out psychopaths in the workplace.

A test to identify psychopathic managers has been developed by two of the world's leading experts on psychopathic disorders, Professor Robert Hare and Dr Paul Babiak, and is known as the Business Scan or B-Scan.

The B-Scan comprises a 107-point questionnaire which highlights various personality traits and is based on the P-Scan, used to detect criminals with psychopathic tendencies.

According to Dr Babiak, we are all guilty of possessing a few of the traits mentioned above, but psychopathic bosses are blessed with all of them. They can talk their way easily into jobs and they tend to fly up the career ladder -- arming themselves with a clever network of influential contacts in a bid to conceal their nasty natures. They normally wreak havoc wherever they go.

So if you suspect your boss is a megalomaniac and that beneath their charming persona likes a sadistic control freak, have them tested with the B-Scan -- it could stop them escaping with the petty cash tin!
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jul 3, 2004
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