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Articles from Saturday Evening Post (March 1, 2013)

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'I found my homeless dad': a young woman reconnects with her long-lost father while volunteering at a shelter. Benguhe, Chris 1141
A brand-new understanding of alcoholism. Nilsson, Jeff Brief article 143
A day in the life of a boy. Denny, Diana 412
A sign of bias? Viney, Frances Letter to the editor 106
Anjelica Huston: born of Hollywood royalty, longtime grist for the tabloid mill, and no stranger to tragedy, the actress, at 61, has found a new inner confidence. Wolf, Jeanne Interview 1876
B.F, would be proud. McGowan, Bob; Katz, Harry S.; Woityra, Gayl Letter to the editor 154
Barbara Taylor Bradford: the best selling author on workplace sex, '50 Shades,' and keeping marriage alive. Wolf, Jeanne Interview 462
Be your doggy's doctor. Acklin, Cara Brief article 109
Calendar check. Braun, Wendy Calendar 103
Can smiling boost memory? Brief article 102
Challenging climate change skeptics. Brief article 110
Did we say that? Brief article 204
End clutter now! Sometimes the mess that seemingly won't go away is a symptom of a deeper problem. Caruso, Iyna Bort 1529
Erin go bragh. Braun, Wendy Recipe 221
Fear of flowers. Brief article 234
First crocus. Knight, Marcy Brief article 240
Flaxseed slashes blood pressure. Zipes, Douglas Brief article 122
Get it in writing! Want peace of mind? Here's a handy checklist of financial documents every responsible person ought to have in place. Wild, Russell 719
Glucosamine guide. Brief article 130
Home safe home. Brief article 218
How doctors die: what's unusual about medical professionals is not how much treatment they get when faced with a terminal illness--but how little. Murray, Ken 1933
How to save a bundle on smartphone service: prepaid mobile phone carriers are often much cheaper than the major cellular providers. Bertolucci, Jeff 729
Images in the mirror may appear larger than actual size. Brief article 167
In film, beware originality. Smithee, Alan Column 365
Klan Conundrum. Engelsen, Tonya; Lawhorn, Herman H. Mc Letter to the editor 445
Land grab. SerVaas, Joan 386
Learning to love our lobbyist friends: we may not exactly trust special interest groups, but we would abolish them at our own peril. Allen, Frederick 3026
Limerick Laughs. 152
Mind over matter. Maynard, Carol Letter to the editor 151
Natural cholesterol therapy. Zipes, Douglas Brief article 111
Oh, Brother! Howland, Elaine Brief article 147
Only three? Marsteller, Paul N.; Watson, Francis H. Letter to the editor 206
Paradise found: Fiji has a long history of standing in for heaven on earth, the island dream of bright colors and endless beaches. Readicker-Henderson, Edward Travel narrative 2169
Plants for pets. Braun, Wendy Brief article 154
Poo fighters. Braun, Wendy Brief article 212
Side stretches. Braun, Wendy Brief article 140
Sleep apnea carries cardiac risks. Zipes, Douglas Brief article 107
Smart swaps for salty foods. Zipes, Douglas Brief article 159
The future is now. Slon, Steven Editorial 421
The grid: spring cleaning. Braun, Wendy Brief article 206
The IRS has a secret admirer: a few bright ideas to help the government earn more money ... so it can leave us honest taxpayers alone. Gulley, Philip 696
The outside world. Floyd, John M. Short story 2660
The war on bugs: in the modern effort to eradicate disease, we pop antibiotics like candy, apply hand sanitizers with abandon, and gargle mouthwash by the gallon. But this carpet-bombing of germs takes a huge toll on good microbes as well as bad. Begley, Sharon 2088
The world is getting better, not worse! We live in a time of miracles. So, let's stop moping about the good old days and think about how great we have it now! Martinez, Andres Essay 1606
Tweet more, weigh less. Zipes, Douglas Brief article 142
Ultimate brunch: the popular chef celebrates America's favorite midday meal--a culinary hybrid with something for everyone. Stone, Curtis Recipe 1217
Unhurried. Brief article 165
Winners circle: honoring the best in contemporary fiction. Brief article 127
Your next staycation. Braun, Wendy 470

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