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Articles from Saturday Evening Post (July 1, 2008)

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"Omega" man: dogs are pack animals--like teenagers. They expect a dominant authority. Herron, Bud 619
A great cartoonist remembered. Brief article 184
A man and his vision: J. Lloyd "Coach" Tomer has a dream--to build his company, YTB, into more than just the world's largest travel agency. Biography 1341
A streetcar named progress? 517
About these thinking doctors. McWain, Donald E. Letter to the editor 239
All worked out. Albright, Herm Brief article 125
Alzheimer's: another reason to avoid soft drinks. Case study 99
Amazing omega-3s: restoring dietary essential fatty acids will dramatically improve mental and physical health around the world. Kreiter, Ted Interview 3035
Are we retiring people too early? In an excerpt from a 1959 Saturday Evening Post article, the writer challenges retirement at 65 and accurately forecasts problems with pension plan funding. Tunley, Roul Excerpt 832
Back pain: exercising your options: exercises that stretch and strengthen the muscles of your abdomen and spine can help prevent debilitating and painful back problems. White, Tammy; Clapis, Phyllis 573
Bar the door. Carney, Jack J. Letter to the editor 124
Beyond my wildest dreams! Be kind to your poverty-stricken friends; you never know when they might hit the lottery jackpot. Mula, Rose Madeline 836
Blood donation. 407
Brighten your smile. Brief article 99
Broccoli: reversing aging immune systems. Brief article 93
Calcium score and plaque buildup. Zipes, Douglas P. Brief article 208
Can you name this picture? Brief article 231
Check labels for vitamin K. Brief article 122
Chest pressure could be angina. Zipes, Douglas P. Brief article 227
Deal or no deal? Around the country, workers are facing tough decisions. If your company offers a buyout, what do you need to know before making the decision? Shouse, Cathy 2943
Don't try this at home! Post cover illustrators were authorities on what not to do in just about any situation. 592
Fish or Fish Oil Capsules? Brief article 146
Flowers for all occasions. Jameson, Marni 1006
Food for mood. Brief article 85
From the pharmacy. 403
Gesundheit. Brief article 160
Glaucoma and central corneal thickness. 340
Go to go. Brief article 153
Good BP control may help. Zipes, Douglas P. Brief article 169
Hands-only CPR: skip the mouth-to-mouth breathing--experts now recommend hands-only CPR for sudden cardiac arrest in adults. Berggoetz, Barb 1009
Hard to swallow. Brief article 196
HDL and Omega-3s: the "good" fats. Brief article 179
Healing humor: research is showing that laughter is good medicine. Trussell, Tait 980
Help for pelvic floor problems. 325
I Thought We Were Making Movies, Not History. Book review 736
Ingrid: Ingrid Bergman, A Personal Biography. Book review 848
Iverd model. Dear, Elizabeth Letter to the editor 252
Keep cursive. Benson, Edith A.; Benton, Julie Letter to the editor 188
Lichen sclerosus. Brief article 167
Microwave cooking preserves nutrients. Brief article 284
Mornings with Meredith: replacing Katie Couric as Matt Lauer's sidekick on the Today show was a risky career move for veteran journalist Meredith Vieira. Would the public accept her? Would the ratings hold? Would she ever get used to the 3:00 a.m. wake-up call? Miller, Holly G. Cover story 1821
Mother's wish. France, Jean L. Letter to the editor 224
New reader. Rofman, Richard Letter to the editor 256
Not all cardiomyopathies are inherited. Zipes, Douglas P. Brief article 261
On ear creases and heart disease. Zipes, Douglas P. Brief article 198
Persevere. Swihart, Jessie Letter to the editor 204
Persistent perspiration. Brief article 166
Planting happiness. Brief article 106
Policy news. Brief article 83
Psoriasis: more than skin deep: for the seven million Americans living with psoriasis, new hope is emerging as research findings turn into medical advances. Perry, Patrick Interview 2050
Pulmonary hypertension. Zipes, Douglas P. Brief article 151
Reader has good prognosis. Zipes, Douglas P. Brief article 140
Reinventing date night: to keep the home fires burning, explore novel ways to reignite the excitement and passion of your early courtship. Parker-Pope, Tara 853
Seeing flashes after eye surgery. 232
She needs help for heel pain. Brief article 171
Spearheading the longevity revolution: sounding a call to action, a renowned expert on aging examines the health, economic, and social challenges and opportunities of growing older in today's society. Perry, Patrick Interview 2990
Surviving SCA at home. (Saving time saves lives: Update on early-defibrillation programs and emerging technology. Brief article 197
Tart and tangy. Brief article 149
The cover issue. Jenkins, E.; Jandebeur, Ellen Letter to the editor 106
The DNA age: technology is ushering in new tools to break the genetic code, but can it help you outsmart your destiny? Harmon, Amy 1835
The great flag: the colossal symbol could inspire and bond people in special ways; its Phoenix-like story is one of joy and sadness. Kreiter, Ted 907
The nitty-gritty. Bosacker, Gerald Poem 83
The perfect squelch. Cook, Dorothy T. Brief article 117
The wheel thing. Walsh, Michael Letter to the editor 105
Tiger's greatest shot: he and his ailing father had never attended a major. This would be their last opportunity to do something like this together. Bordonaro, Joe 1166
Tomatoes: ripe with benefits. Brief article 118
Update on medical thriller. Zipes, Douglas P. Brief article 268
Wasp smackdown: some insects you can work with, but wasps, never. Borgman, Lori 542
What to do when your contractor lets you down: don't panic. There are a number of ways that a homeowner can resolve a dispute. Smith, Johnathan W.; Schmidt, Erin E. 1569
Where do you think you are? Brief article 84
Where in the world. Brief article 263
You be the judge. Morris, Sarah Brief article 171

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