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Articles from Saturday Evening Post (July 1, 2002)

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Title Author Type Words
A happy surprise. Eastman, Steve Letter to the Editor 407
A reader shares her vinegar toddy. (Medical Mailbox). Haver, Florence 97
Better late than never. Lindberg, Dorothy Letter to the Editor 195
Bone scan safety. (Medical Mailbox). Lipari, Audrey 237
Botts and the biggest deal of all: the world's greatest salesman was face to face with the world's toughest customer. Upson, William Hazlett 5977
Can you name this picture? 223
Cover confusion. Norris, Carol Letter to the Editor 128
Don't powder the baby. (Medical Mailbox). SerVaas, Cory 123
Healthy legs for life: clogged blood vessels cause problems in the legs as well as the heart. Fortunately, a simple test can aid in early detection of a common and painful condition called peripheral vascular disease. (Heart beat: the healthy heart report). Perry, Patrick 2166
Herb helps lung problem. (Medical Mailbox). SerVaas, Cory 81
Ladies and gentlemen, would you please rise ...? Letter to the Editor 391
Medical progress. (Medical Mailbox). SerVaas, Cory 257
Neural therapy for apparent drug reaction. (Medical Mailbox). Rusch, Lorraine 346
New hope for heart attack survivors: recent data from a landmark trial show that implantable cardioverter defibrillators help prolong the lives of people who have had heart attacks. Perry, Patrick 1680
No more tinnitus. (Medical Mailbox). Ratajczak, Elaine 94
Orange juice may trigger ulcerative colitis symptoms. (Medical Mailbox). Sutton, Don 308
Phone-y business. 137
Post cover man got the girl. Favreau, Don Letter to the Editor 119
Post scripts. 788
Pressure points: can pins and needles control blood pressure? Researchers are investigating the potential of this 3,000-year-old therapy to treat hypertension. Perry, Patrick 2756
Reader reponds to "Brisk" tea diet. (Medical Mailbox). Garrett, Jane 108
Relief for leg cramps. (Medical Mailbox). 376
Sugar hurts tooth enamel. (Medical Mailbox). Pilar, Nicole 205
Summer in the garden. (Garden Notes). 648
Summertime: "which hath all too short a date." (The American Illustrators Hall Of Fame). Stoddard, Maynard Good Brief Article 956
Surprising advertising: you never know what you might find in the classifieds these days, as the following actual advertisements clearly illustrate. Brief Article 145
Survivor through early detection. Mabry, James E., Jr. Letter to the Editor 499
Taste for living: vegetarian "Jerk Kebabs" taste as good as they look. Everything threaded onto these kebabs is a supernutritious food, loaded with antioxidants and other disease fighters. (Food). 422
The facts on weight-loss drug. (Medical Mailbox). Mandrapilias, Aspasia 209
The perfect squelch. Hamm, Fred J. 126
The power of faith: without faith, we are lost, adrift in the world without an anchor. (Religion). DeVos, Rich 1566
Three gifted girls ...: The 2002 Tulip Times Scholarship Games celebrated the unique gifts of three generations of young women. 735
Tips for vibrant health and beauty at every age. (Look Good, Feel Good). Brief Article 564
Tobacco: making a killing; smoking remains the leading cause of preventable death and disease in America, costing taxpayers $150 billion annually in health costs and lost productivity, but public-health officials are waging war against Big Tobacco in a big way. Perry, Patrick; Braun, Wendy Interview 3557
Tongue-tie: a mother's advice. (Medical Mailbox). Cunningham, Carol 365
Ulcer-causing bacteria linked to other ailments. (Medical Mailbox). Rivera, Doris 363
Where do you think you are? 107
Yogi speaking: whether you call them Yogi-isms or Berraisms, the witty wisdom of Lawrence Peter "Yogi" Berra is part of our national heritage. Kreiter, Ted Brief Article 976
You be the judge. Donaldson, William 272

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