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Sartomer has grown from a small company offering several monomers in the 1950's to the world's most innovative and diversified monomer producer and innovator. Sartomer Company is a leading specialty chemical manufacturer that can support formulator in the elastomer industry with a full line of coagents for peroxide and EB curring. The company markets an extensive line of coagents for many industry applications including timing belts, hoses, seals, gaskets, wire and cable, PVC plastisols and rubber rolls. Customers use Sartomer's technical expertise throughout the product development cycle - from assistance with the initial formulation to the point of final introduction where it is tailored for optimum performance. Saret liquid coagents and our new Saret metallic coagents are two examples of specialized products that Sartomer has developed for specific formulator needs. Historically, Sartomer has been identified as a custom producer tracing this capability back to the origin of the company's name. Derived from the Greek word <<sartos>> meaning tailor-made and the Latin word <<mer>> meaning parts, Sartomer has a deep commitment to the concept of customization. Sartomer recognizes the need for partnership - helpful and informed people to work with you. People with the skills and expertise to help you realize all the benefits Sartomer products can offer. That is why Sartomer had a dedicated salesforce working directly with you and your application. Your Sartomer sales representative and customer service representative are the focal point of this partnership. They provide you with the link to Sartomer's global R&D and manufacturing capabilities. As part of Total, a multi-billion dollar French oil and chemicals firm, Sartomer offers a strong global approach to research, manufacturing and service that means more unique solutions for you, in people and products.
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Publication:Rubber World
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Date:Aug 1, 1991
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