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Legacy of communism

Estimated number of persons executed in prisons or who died in communist prisons in Soviet-occupied Poland between 1945-1959: 50.000.

Among them, the number of partisans who continued to fight against the communist regime after the Second World War was over: 15.000.

Source: Professor Krzysztof Szwagrzyk, Head of the Polish Institute of National Memory, as reported by <>, 25 January 2017 accessed 11 February 2017.

Reforestation of Poland

Percentage of Polish territory covered by forests: 9.1 million hectares, or 31 percent of territory.

Increase in forestation since 1995: 0.3 million hectares.

Ownership of forested areas: 7.5 million hectares is owned by the state, 1.7million by private owners.

Amount of forested area per citizen: 0.24 hectares (about half an acre) per person.

Source: Main Statistical Office (GUS), as reported by <>, 21 March 2017 -proc-powierzchni-kraju?strona=2.

NATO members' spending on defense

NATO members that spend at least 2 percent of their GDP on defense: the UK, Poland, Greece, Estonia and the United States (out of 28 NATO members).

US Defense Secretary James Mattis's statement to those who do not pay: "Americans cannot care more for your children's security than you do. No longer can the American taxpayer carry a disproportionate share of the defense of Western values."

Source: "Mattis threatens to 'moderate' NATO if allies don't pay up," New York Post, 15 Febraury 2017 <> accessed 15 Febraury 2017.

Desirability of foreign passports

Rankings of the United States and Poland in the Nomad Passport Index 2017: #35 and #34, respectively.

The most desirable passports according to Nomad: Swedish, Belgian, and Italian.

Criteria of ranking: "The amount of taxes a country levies on citizens who live abroad, along with the nation's overall global reputation, civil and personal freedoms, and the ability to hold multiple passports simultaneously."

Source: Justin Bachman, "The Most Desirable Passports on Earth," Bloomberg, 3 March 2017,, accessed on the same day.

Polish food exports in 2017

Percentage of food coming from Poland consumed in EU: 9 percent. Poland is the sixth-largest producer of food in the EU.

Polish products as percentage of products consumed in EU: dairy products 8.2 percent; meat products 10.5 percent.

Source: Artur Osiecki, "Polska zywnosc podbila Europe, teraz czas na swiat," Rzeczpospolita, 11 June 2017, accessed on the same day.

Defamatory stereotypes

Number of persons suspected of participating in car theft in Germany in 2016: 17,701.

Among these, number of German citizens: 11,037, or 62 percent.

Number of citizens of other countries, European and non-European: 6,664.

Source: Lausitzer Rundschau, as reported by Rzeczpospolita, 18 March 2017,, accessed on the same day.

Catholicism in Poland

Percentage of Poles who define themselves as Catholics: 92 percent.

Percentage of Poles who declare that they attend Mass weekly: 50 percent (a drop of 8 percent since 2005).

Source: CBOS poll, as reported in Gosc Niedzielny, 28 June 2017> accessed on the same day.


Financing of the far-left and neo-Marxist organizations in Poland

Percentage of funding that Krytyka Polityczna, a neo-Marxist left-wing periodical, receives from abroad: 90 percent.

Exact quote: "My organization employs several dozen people and the majority of donations--90 percent, and it has always been so--comes from abroad."

Source: Krytyka Polityczna editor Slawomir Sierakowski in a Radio TOK interview, as reported by portal <>, 24 November 2016,, accessed on the same day.

Prices Gazprom charged its various European customers in 2013-2014:

For 1000 cubed meters of gas, Poland paid 429 dollars in 2013 and 379 dollars in 2014; Hungary 418 dollars in 2013 and 338 dollars in 2014; Austria 402 dollars in 2013 and 329 in 2014; Slovakia 438 dollars in 2013 and 308 dollars in 2014; France 404 dollars in 2013 and 338 dollars in 2014; Germany 366 dollars in 2013 and 323 dollars in 2014.

Average Gazprom prices for 2012: Poland 500 dollars per cubic meter of gas; Western Europe 440 dollars.

Additional clauses in the agreement: Poland is obliged to pay for the agreed-on amount of gas even if she is unable to use it all; Poland cannot resell unused gas to any other country.

Party and negotiator responsible for signing contracts obliging Poland to pay the highest prices in the EU for the Russian gas: Civic Platform government under Donald Tusk and Waldemar Pawlak (PSL aligned with the ruling Civic Platform), who negotiated the contract and signed it in December 2010.

Contract length: from 2012 to 2022.

Source: Russian News Agency Interfax, as reported by Zbigniew Kuzmiuk in <> and <>, 7 March 2015,, accessed on the same day.

Media ownership in Poland and Germany

Percentage of Polish press titles owned by the three German press concerns Bauer, RASP, and Polska Press: 64 percent.

Percentage of German press titles owed by foreign capital: practically zero.

Titles of some of the most popular dailies, weeklies, and portals in Poland owned by German firms: Fakt, the largest Polish daily; Newsweek, one of the most popular weeklies; Portal, ranked #6 in Poland by <>.

Source: "Osa nadaje: najwiekszy wydawca niemieckich mediow dla Polakow rozpoczyna cykl pogadanek z dziennikarzami," Portal <>,, 23 February 2016, accessed on the same day.
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