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Saratoga Systems Enlists CRM Customers to Form Advisory Council; Cross Section of Global 2000 Customers From Various Fields Gather To Share Insights and Best Practices to Shape the Future of Saratoga CRM(TM).

CAMPBELL, Calif. -- Saratoga Systems, a global leader in CRM solutions since 1987, has announced the formation of the Saratoga CRM Customer Council, which brings together IT experts from among the company's 800 global customers to review their CRM requirements and develop best practices. The first meeting of the Saratoga CRM Customer Council was held in June at the Algonquin Hotel in New York City.

Among the Saratoga CRM(TM) users present at the first Customer Council meeting were senior business and IT executives from American International Group Inc. (AIG), BlackRock Inc., Brenntag, General Electric, Phoenix Contact, Johnson Controls, T. Rowe Price, and Tyco. These companies represent a cross-section of companies using Saratoga's enterprise CRM software in various markets, such as financial services, insurance, chemicals, manufacturing, energy and transportation.

"Over the last 20 years, Saratoga Systems has built one of the most successful CRM products because we listen to our customers about their needs," said Al Smith, president of Saratoga Systems. "Our customers are loyal because we understand their sales strategies and work with them to make CRM an easy-to-use technology that gives them a competitive edge. By forming this CRM Customer Council, we can work more closely with our customers, providing a structured round-table to learn more about their CRM applications, and giving customers an open forum where they can share applications strategies and best practices. By learning more about our customers, and allowing our customers to share CRM strategies with one another, everyone benefits."

During the initial meeting, council members identified three areas where Saratoga CRM offers a real advantage, and where they expect to see additional development in the future: Web Services support, closer integration with other enterprise applications, and support for tactical analytics. These three areas represent a common theme and a market differentiator for Saratoga CRM; the software's ability to function as a veneer that overlays multiple back-end enterprise systems and delivers tactical data at the point of need. Web Services support for SAP and other back-end systems, for example, will allow Saratoga CRM to provide real-time access to multiple data repositories. Integration makes it possible to link CRM systems to common enterprise applications, such as Outlook. And tactical analytics incorporated into Saratoga CRM not only assess performance in the field but also to makes business-critical CRM data available to drive sales.

"It's fascinating to have a group of global customers from different industries share a common view that sales can only be truly successful by interacting with data that resides in other areas of the company, not just the sales database," said Rich Koch, vice president of marketing for Saratoga Systems. "Based on insights gained from our first Customer Council meeting, we will continue to add practical functions to Saratoga CRM that make it easier to mine business-critical data in real time from virtually any data platform."

The Saratoga Systems CRM Customers Advisory Council expects to convene on a quarterly basis, and will exchange data and insight on an ongoing basis through a web forum.

About Saratoga Systems

Saratoga Systems helped pioneer the CRM movement. Today, we are a world leader in CRM solutions that enable large, global enterprises to effectively manage interactions with their customers at every stage, from marketing and initial contact through the complex sales, service and support relationships that develop between successful companies and their happy customers.

Saratoga Systems provides advanced solutions that enable our customers to maximize employee productivity, increase operational efficiency, create new revenue opportunities, build and maintain satisfied customers, and build a strong, sustainable competitive advantage. Saratoga Systems currently has 120,000 users worldwide and more than 800 corporate customers including BASF, Hanson PLC, ING Investment Management, Kodak, MetLife, T. Rowe Price, Tyco Healthcare, UBS, Virgin Atlantic Airways, and WellPoint.

Saratoga Systems has its headquarters in Campbell, California, the heart of Silicon Valley, and regional offices in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany, and France, as well as distributors throughout the world. For more information, see Saratoga Systems at
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