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Saratoga Lager launched by two married couples.

A team effort between two married couples has resulted in the metropolitan New York area launch of Saratoga Lager, a Dortmunderstyle beer produced under contract at the Catamount Brewing Co.

The new brand has been in development for three years and is the product of a joint venture formed by advertising executives Chuck and Lyn Schroeder, and brewers William and Marie Newman. Prior to the venture, the Schroeders worked on national beer campaigns, while the Newmans opened one of the Northeast's first microbreweries in 1981.

"Our goal was to produce an elegant and authentic beer that is affordable in both good times and bad--a beer that [former New York City Mayor] Jimmy Walker would be proud of," stated Chuck Schroeder when announcing the introduction of Saratoga Lager to the New York market.

"Restaurants are now offering diners a sophisticated selection of beers and ales along with a wine list," Schroeder continued. "We take this process one step further by creating a true Dortmunder style--the first of its kind in the Northeast."

From the beer's upstate New York launch on October 15, 1991 through the end of the year Schroeder reported. about 4,500 cases of the beer were sold. Metropolitan distribution of the beer began three days before Christmas, he said, and is now beginning to achieve some market penetration.

"We are very optimistic because we have some of the best and biggest distributors handling, the product," Schroeder pointed out. "I know of no other specialty beer that has received such favorable attention from distributors and prestigious restaurants and bars so soon after its introduction."

According to Bill Newman, Saratoga Lager is brewed in accordance with the German Purity Law, "is pale golden in color and medium dry on the palate, medium to full-bodied with a slightly sweet finish.

The name "Saratoga" was chosen to "reflect the graciousness of the famous upstate New York spa and the healthfulness and freshness of its renowned waters.

The beer is currently available at New York's "21" Club, The Rainbow Room, The Mark, The Water Club and Fraunces Tavern Restaurant, among others. Because the Newman's orginal draft ale brewery contained no bottling facilities, the Albany, NY-based facility was shut down in 1987, and all operations were consolidated under one roof. The Newman's continue to brew their Newman's Albany Amber on a contract basis.
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Title Annotation:advertising executives Chuck and Lyn Schroeder and brewers William and Marie Newman
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Apr 20, 1992
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