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Sarah Lahbati gives pregnant mommies tips to induce labor.

Actress Sarah Lahbati may have given birth to her second child Kai last March 21, but that doesn't mean her concerns over pregnancy are far from over. For first-time mommies, the idea of going through the pains of labor may be a nerve-wracking experience. To help fellow mommies, Lahbati has taken to her blog to advise expecting moms, not just as a means of helping them out, but also to show them that they are never really alone.

For someone who's given birth twice, Lahbati sure knows a few tips and tricks that are bound to help the next mom. Last May 19, Lahbati shared with her followers via her blog some things that helped her induce labor. She wrote that there comes a point in a pregnant woman's life when they're just ready to pop the baby out, and offered some tips that personally helped her move the process along.

Moderate exercise is on top of Lahbati's list. Despite being pregnant, she did not falter in maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. 'Researchers have found that regular exercise that includes squats can help open your pelvis by up to 28 percent,' wrote Lahbati. 'It can make a difference in the ease you have in pushing out your baby when the time comes.'

Apart from exercise, Lahbati recommended a birthing ball to accompany one's exercise. 'Bouncing on a birthing ball when you are in the early stages of labor also helps with bringing your baby into a better position to prepare them for birth.'

Next? Pineapples and spicy food. 'This sounds weird, but stay with me for a minute!' Lahbati further wrote. 'I read that raw pineapple has enzymes that soften your cervix and stimulate your stomach. Hence, it can get labor going.'

'Much like the effect you get from pineapples, spicy food can jumpstart labor because it disrupts your digestive system,' continued Lahbati. She said adding chilies or hot sauce in soups and sauces can help speed labor up, although she doesn't recommend this to moms who have sensitive stomachs.

Lastly, swimming. 'Being in the water can help kickstart labor as well. An alternative is sitting in a warm bath. In fact, warm baths can also help you manage the pain of contractions.'

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Date:May 22, 2018
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