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Sarah Hyland Claps Back At Hater After Selfie Backlash.

Fans may want to think twice before they decide to criticize "Modern Family" star Sarah Hyland and the photos she shares of herself and new boyfriend Wells Adams. Following some scrutiny from a social media follower over what they deemed a racy pic, the actress politely clapped back at her hater.

The 26-year-old star took to Twitter to address( a direct message from one fan who was upset over a picture Hyland posted of herself and Adams in bed with his dog, Carl. While the picture seems harmless, the individual was upset that it looked as if the humans in the photo were in the bed nude and sharing a naked selfie.

On Tuesday, Hyland posted a response to the photo by sharing screenshots from her notepad. In her statement, she insisted that she was simply sharing a cute moment with fans and had no ulterior motives or intention of being inappropriate.

"Not putting her on blast. She just brought to my attention that the picture I posted might have been inappropriate since we were in bed. So I just have to say I'm so sorry... FOR POSTING AN ADORABLE PICTURE BECAUSE CARL WAS ACTING LIKE THE NUGGUETIEST SNUGGLW [sic] BUG," ( she wrote.

Hyland went on to explain that she felt obligated to capture the moment and reminded fans that she only shares parts of her personal life on social media. "I do want my privacy, especially in my relationships. I've made the mistake in the past on being way too open and talking way too much about them," she explained.

"This time it's different. It's special. And I will share what I seem 'appropriate' on social media because I still want you all to be updated. Because you guys are the greatest fans in the world."

The ABC star also thanked her fans for always being honest and sharing their lives with her. Hyland ended her lengthy post by telling fans that she felt good about addressing the situation and silencing the negative opinions of others.

"Guys. I know I don't need to explain myself and I do ignore the 'haters' (hate that word)... I think I really just LOVE a good clapback," ( she tweeted.

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Date:Nov 14, 2017
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