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Sarah Hamilton: He was very kind and considerate.

SITTING across from her husband Angus Sinclair, Sarah switched the television on while he browsed the papers.

They were like any other happily married couple enjoying a quiet night in.

Except that behind this mask of domestic respectability was a brutal murderer, plotting his next merciless attack.

Before they'd even met, Sinclair had served six years in prison for the culpable homicide of an eight-year-old girl when he was only 16.

This was something Sarah found out about much later. Sinclair, who had strangled the child, brushed it off by calling it a "mistake".

Sarah was a 20-year-old trainee nurse when she started dating Sinclair.

They married in Glasgow in 1970 and two years later welcomed a son.

Sarah said: "He was very polite, he was very kind, considerate. I was just really happy."

The couple settled into a life of happy domesticity with Sinclair working long hours as a painter and decorator followed by cosy evenings at home in front of the TV.

But then Sarah's "reliable" husband started to disappear for weekends in his Toyota Hiace caravanette, saying he was driving to Edinburgh for extra work.

Often Sarah wouldn't hear from him until he came home on Monday.

The relationship broke down before the truth came out about Sinclair's weekend jaunts. If Sarah suspected her husband was cheating, the reality was much, much worse. In 1982 Sinclair police van in Sinclair was jailed for life after he pleaded guilty to the rape and sexual assault of 11 children aged between six and 14.

Almost 20 years later, following developments in DNA evidence, he was found guilty of the 1978 murder of Mary Gallacher, for which he was given another life sentence.

In November 2014 he was also convicted of raping and killing Helen Scott and Christine Eadie, both in Edinburgh in 1977, and jailed for a minimum of 37 years. He had been acquitted of the same charges in 2007.

Judge Lord Matthews said at Sinclair's sentencing: "The words evil and monster are inadequate ones to describe a dangerous predator capable of sinking to the depths of depravity."

Sarah now believes that her ex-husband is guilty of more murders, saying that he had "ten years of mayhem" killing women around Glasgow.

But before Sinclair could be held to account for all his crimes he died in prison in March 2019, at the age of 73.


CAGED: Sinclair in police van in 2014


HAPPY: Sarah didn't know the truth

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Jun 9, 2019
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