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Sao Paulo Coffee Quality Awards.

The Sao Paulo Coffee Quality Awards was held October 26th at the Brazilian Coffee Museum located in the Santos Coffee Exchange.

The annual awards, which began in 2002 are sponsored by SINDICAFE, The Sao Paulo Roasters Union, the State Secretary of Agriculture, the Santos Commercial Association, ABIC, the Brazilian Coffee Industry Association and APAS, the Sao Paulo Super-Market Association. The event was organized as in the past by Eduardo Carvalhaes Jr., Director of Escritorio Carvalhaes a traditional Santos coffee firm.

The awards began as a campaign of the Sao Paulo Coffee Chamber with the objective to motivate growers to improve their farming methods to produce specialty gourmet quality coffees to capture higher market values. It was also intended to show local and foreign consumers that Sao Paulo and Brazil can produce superior drinking coffees.

Each year, the awards have attracted more rural interest across the State and this year a record 895 farmers submitted samples from 13 regional producing areas represented by Cooperatives, Rural Unions and Growers Associations.

The regulations this year limited the lot size to 10 bags which encouraged smaller growers to enter the contest. After classification by a team of qualified trade experts, the lots were reduced to 101 samples which were sent for final classification at the coffee testing facilities of the Santos Commercial Association. The arbiters, after a final testing, selected five lots of Natural dried coffees and five lots of Peeled Cherry coffees to be offered to interested buyers at a controlled auction which took place on the premises of the Santos Commrcial Association. Buyers were permitted to evaluate the coffees in a blind test and place their bids for each lot in a sealed envelope observing a minimum price of $189.55 per bag which was already above the going basis for market coffees at the time of $121.75 per bag.

The highest bid was made by a regional roasting firm, Care Serra Grama, for a lot of Peeled Cherry produced by Joaquim Jose de Carvalho Dias on his farm Fazenda Recreio located at Sao Sebastiao da Grama in the Alta Mogiana region of the State. Sr. Joaquim, an 87 year old, fourth generation owner of the fazenda founded by a traditional Paulista coffee growing family in 1830 is a legendary figure in the Brazil coffee community. He has won many quality contests including Illycaffe awards but this is the first time he was the winner of the Sao Paulo State award. It was interesting to note that all but one of the finalists this year were growers with farms in the highlands of the Serra da Mantiqueira bordering the State of Minas Gerais.
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