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Sanyo, IBM Japan eye next-generation battery for notebook computers.

TOKYO, April 11 Kyodo

Sanyo Electric Co. and IBM Japan Ltd. said Monday they will jointly develop a next-generation electrical power source system for notebook computers.

The two firms will cooperate in the fields of research and development of the so-called hybrid power system, which will have both a fuel battery and rechargeable battery inside. They aim to start commercial production in 2007 at the earliest.

A hybrid power source usually runs a computer with electricity generated by a methanol fuel cell and the rechargeable battery provides electricity when the fuel runs out, the firms said.

The 2.2 kilogram power source system will be available for not only IBM Japan's conventional ThinkPad but also notebook computers exclusively charged by fuel batteries, they said.

Under the concept of the two firms, one fuel cartridge should run a computer about eight hours and when the power runs out, the battery can be replaced with a new one while the computer continues running, they said.
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Publication:Japan Energy Scan
Geographic Code:9JAPA
Date:Apr 11, 2005
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