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Sante active expands on two fronts.

LAS VEGAS -- Sante active Inc. has launched the Pedi-Relax line to keep feet feeling fresh, energized and healthy, and is rolling out Elgydium, the No. 1 toothpaste in France, in the United States.

Pedi-Relax optimizes the benefits of natural essential oils through scientific research, says a spokeswoman for Sante active, the United States subsidiary of France-based Laboratoires Pierre Fabre.

Used for centuries by natural health experts and healers, essential oils are now being looked at as treatments for a variety of diseases. The chemical composition and aroma of essential oils can provide valuable psychological and physical therapeutic benefits, maintains the spokeswoman.

Endorsed by the Federation of International Podiatrists, Pedi-Relax products are affordable at $7.99 each and are available nationwide, she says.

Pedi-Relax has debuted in the U.S. after being a market leader in Europe for more than a decade, notes the spokeswoman. The line is divided into products focusing on dry feet (pampering), freshness and protection.

"Life takes its toll on our feet, but our products minimize the damage," says Sante active executive vice president Darren Krein. "The foot has more than 250,000 sweat glands; the FDA notes that it's the mixture of sweat and bacteria in our shoes and socks that makes our feet odorous and unclean.

"Using Pedi-Relax will keep feet feeling fresh and dry, in turn lowering one's risk of both foot odor and fungus infections."

Sante active will begin distributing the Elgydium line to major chains late this year. Launched in 1972 as an antiplaque product, Elgydium promises superior taste and texture and has been the leading toothpaste in France for more than three decades, notes the spokeswoman.

The brand has been available in the U.S. on a limited basis, sold only in boutique pharmacies where some celebrities are known to buy it by the caseload, she says. In addition, first-class travelers on British Airways flights have received Elgydium products in their sample bags for the past 10 years.

Elgydium whitening toothpaste features a micropulverized sodium bicarbonate with greater whitening properties than traditional sodium bicarbonates, according to the spokeswoman.

Micropulverized sodium bicarbonate gently polishes teeth for a bright, white smile, she says. It is gentle enough to use every day, is effective even in the tiniest fissures of enamel for whitening and has very low abrasiveness, she says.

The second product in the line is Elgydium anticavity toothpaste. Containing a very high-grade fluoride, the product has shown in clinical trials to be superior to most traditional fluoride toothpastes in preventing cavities, the spokeswoman says.

"We're bringing to America one of the finest toothpastes ever created," says Krein. "Elgydium products combine years of research by French chemists, in addition to well-known aromaticians who worked hard to create an incredible texture and flavor.

"The product holds a 45% market share in France, and we're confident that America will embrace it."

Four models of Elgydium toothbrushes and a mouthwash will also debut in the U.S. The toothbrushes feature polymer bristles; rounded bristle tips for gentle, nonabrasive cleaning; and ergonomically designed handles for comfort. All Elgydium toothbrushes include a head cover for protection and hygiene.
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Title Annotation:Supplier News; launching of Pedi-Relax line for feet care
Publication:Chain Drug Review
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Date:Jul 23, 2007
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