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Santa ready for his sleigh tour; It will start today and continue through until December 15.


SANTA and his sleigh along with the help of Shepshed Lions Club will start their tour of Shepsherd this week.

The tour starts today (December 5) an runs through until December 15, but some changes have been made to the tour from previous years.

A Lions Club spokesman said: "Due to the increase in the size of Shepshed some changes to how we do things this year have been made. Most of the usual routes will be covered but instead of Santa visiting you, we are asking you to visit Santa on his Sleigh at various stopping points along the routes. Please listen out for the music. Our collectors will be helping as always.

"We hope the people of Shepshed will understand and we hope we do not cause too much disappointment with our changes."

Each route will start at 5.30pm, except Saturdays and Sundays when the route will begin at 4.30pm but routes are subject to change due to weather conditions and unforeseen circumstances.

Wednesday, December 5: Starting on Northwood Drive the stopping points will be at Highfield Close, Nursery Close, Tyler Court, Field Avenue and Piper Close. The next stopping point will be on Oakley Road before stopping on Ringwood Road and Woodlands Drive. The sleigh will proceed on to Lansdowne Road and stop at two locations. Next, the sleigh will visit Boundary Way, stopping at Mill Close before making its final stop at Campbell Scientific for the residents of Wortley Close to come out and visit Santa.

Thursday, December 6: It will start on Sandringham Rise and stop at Norwich Close, Banbury Drive and Newark Close before proceeding onto Tetbury Drive. Santa's next stopping points will be at Tamworth Close, Penrith Avenue and Beaumaris Crescent. The last stops of the night will include Rockingham Close, Arundel Grove, Caernarvon Close and part way down Balmoral Avenue.

Friday, December 7: Starting at the bottom of Lansdowne Road the sleigh will stop on Countryman's Way between Woodmans way and Shepherds Close. Next stopping points will be at Coachmans Court and Blacksmiths Avenue before reaching Ploughmans Drive. Another stop along Countrymans way will be made before making a stop on Patersons Place. The sleigh will stop on Chapel Street near Harriman Close before making final stops on Oakley Avenue and New Walk.

CThe sleigh's first stop will be on Fairway Road between Temple Close and Brendon Close before stopping at Pennine Close, Quantock Rise, Wicklow Close, Purbeck Avenue and Pentland Avenue. The sleigh will then move onto Trueway Drive stopping at Homeway Close, Cheviot Drive and Mendip Close before travelling along Trueway Drive, stopping at Porlock Close, Malvern Avenue, Arbury Dale and Linley Avenue. Santa's final stop for the evening will be on Trueway Drive between Purley Rise and Coombe Close.

CSanta will start his route at the bottom of Anson road, making stops on Paradise Close, Buttercup Lane and Cellandine Road before heading along Chatsworth Close. The sleigh will turn left onto Little Haw Lane and travel around McCarthy Road and along Thorpe Road before stopping near Oxley School. The sleigh will proceed towards Blackbrook Close before heading back down Grange road, stopping on Oxley close and finishing the night at St Bernard's Close.

CThe sleigh will start its route at the top of The Lant and head along Kidger Close before making a stop near Beech Close. Santa will proceed along Forest Road, turning onto Fairway Road, Harrington Road and stopping at Chestnut Close, Well Yard Close, Smithy way before travelling along Westoby Close and stopping at Nelson Close. The sleigh will travel back along Cumbrian Way and stop at Peartree Avenue, Wood Close, The Inleys and Chiltern Avenue before travelling back up Fairway Road and making its final stop of the evening on Romway Close.

CThe sleigh's first stop tonight will be on Crowson Close before travelling up Iveshead Road stopping at Monastery Gardens on Belfry Place and Friar Close. Two stops will be made on Iveshead Road where possible before travelling along Abbey Close and stopping on Ducane Close. The last stop of the night will be on Iveshead Road at the junction with Wellingtonia Close.

Santa will start his route this evening on Sullington Road near Deacon Close and stop near the Bull and Bush pub. The sleigh will travel along Sullington Road, Central Avenue and make stops on St James' Road where possible. Santa will then make his journey along Spring Lane, Forman Road and stop at Cotton Croft, Brookside Close and Spring Close before ending the night on Forman Road.

CThe sleigh this evening will start on Lacey Court before moving down Wightman Close, Graham Perkins Close, Weavers Avenue, Spinners Way and Threadcutters Way stopping where possible. Moving up Charnwood Road, the sleigh will then travel down Springfield Road and stop on Orchard Close. Turning right onto The Meadows, up Glenfields and onto Glenmore Avenue Santa will stop where possible. The sleigh will proceed along Park Rise stopping near the park entrance and continue along Factory Street stopping near Pick Street. Santa will stop on Stableford Close before heading towards Tickow Lane, turning onto Glenmore Avenue and stop on Neville Close. Santa's last stop of the night will be on Lambert Avenue.

The sleigh will begin its route on Garendon Road, stopping near Garendon Close before turning onto Kirk Hill, travelling up Leicester Road and turning onto Cambridge Street. Moving along Cambridge Street and Oxford Street the sleigh will stop when it's safe to do so. Santa will continue up Charnwood Road and make a final stop on Kings Road.
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Publication:Loughborough Echo (Loughborough, England)
Date:Dec 5, 2018
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