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Sankyo Pharma GmbH to Transfer 11 Items to STADA Arzneimittel.

Tokyo, Japan, Dec 15, 2005 - (JCN) - DAIICHI SANKYO announced on December 14 that Sankyo Pharma GmbH, a subsidiary of Sankyo, has agreed with German pharmaceutical STADA Arzneimittel AG on the transfer of ethical products.

Under the agreement terms, Sankyo Pharma will transfer to STADA its 11 proprietary items including endermic antiphlogistic Mobilat and circulatory enhancer and humectant Hirudoid.

Sankyo Pharma plans to concentrate resources on ethical products provided by Sankyo including antihypertensive agent OLMETEC in order to promote its business in Europe.

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Publication:JCNN News Summaries
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Date:Dec 15, 2005
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