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Sanix Launches 'RUSCUT' Electrolytic Water-piping Protection System.

Tokyo, Japan, Oct 6, 2006 - (JCN Newswire) - Sanix Incorporated (TSE: 4651) is pleased to announce that it will begin sales of a new product called 'RUSCUT', an electrolytic water-piping protection system developed and manufactured by TAMAGAWA Co., Ltd. As part of its core water facility maintenance works, the SANIX Establishment Sanitation Division will sell RUSCUT as a scientifically well-proven and technically reliable system to prolong the service life of water piping.

1. Trade Name of the Electrolytic Water-piping Protection System


2. Outline of 'RUSCUT'

1) The actual conditions of water piping

The quality of materials of water piping used in buildings and apartment buildings has been improving year by year. However, even in lined steel pipes coated inside with plastic to enhance corrosion resistant, rust occurs and expands from connecting sections (threads) of the piping, which causes 'red water' or water leakage.

2) Anticorrosion mechanism of 'RUSCUT'

Metal corrosion occurs from electric current. In an environment where metal contacts water, cathodes and anodes (with potential difference) form on the surface of the metal. Positive ions of metal dissolve into the water on the anodes, and then bond with oxygen, which form rust. RUSCUT counters this mechanism by applying electric current in the reverse direction to prevent metal corrosion.

3. Features of 'RUSCUT'

1) Features

The technique that uses RUSCUT to prolong the service life of water piping was granted a technical examination certification (Examination Certificate No. 0105), as the 'RUSCUT Method,' from the Building Maintenance and Management Center, a public interest corporation governed by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. It is a reliable method that provides corrosion protection semi-permanently as long as electricity is applied.

- This system consumes little electricity. The electricity cost for a household is only about 2.5 yen per month.

- It also inhibits rust formation in connecting sections of piping such as connections with valves (corrosion from the contact of different metals).

- It has no harmful effects on the human body because the system uses no chemicals or additives.

- The system has passed the transudation and pressure resistance tests for water service appliances in accordance with JIS standards.

2) Warranty

The 'RUSCUT' is warranted for 10 years after installation.

Note: The warranty shall apply as long as the system is installed in compliance with the requirements specified by SANIX.

4. Outline of the 'RUSCUT' Installation

Before installation, a thorough examination of the installation site will be conducted by SANIX engineers who have been trained on the technical applications of the RUSCUT Method, and they will develop the corrosion control design most suitable for each case. Compared with other construction methods, the RUSCUT Method minimizes the time required for water service stoppage and discharge of wastes, noises and other annoying factors for occupants of the building where installation is taking place.

[Basic Installation Flow]

Preliminary examination - Corrosive protection design - Estimate and contract - Work preparation - Piping work - Cleansing work - Electrical work - Thermal-insulation restoration - Trial run and completion tests - Delivery

5. Effect of New Product Sales on Sanix's Business Performance

The estimated sales amount of the electrolytic water-piping protection system, 'RUSCUT' has been included in the projected earnings for the fiscal year ending in March 2007 that we announced on August 9, 2006.

About Sanix Incorporated

Sanix (TSE: 4651) is Japan's leading provider of sanitation and environmental services. The company's business is divided into three areas; Home Sanitation, and Establishment Sanitation, which provides pest control and sanitation maintenance and protection services for offices and public facilities. The Environmental Resources Development Division provides industrial waste management solutions and recycling services. This division positions Sanix as a leading provider of environmental services to society, which is becoming increasingly concerned about the health of the environment. Sanix's long experience in industrial waste management means the company is poised to take the lead in this new field.

Source: Sanix Incorporated

Kozo Inoue, Managing Director

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Date:Oct 6, 2006
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