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Sanix Announces Organizational Changes.

Tokyo, Japan, Sept 27, 2006 - (JCN Newswire) - At the Board of Directors Meeting on September 27, 2006, Sanix Incorporated (TSE: 4651) resolved on organizational changes, as follows:

1. Details of Organizational Changes

1) Establishment of Compliance Department

Aiming to further ensure compliance in conducting its businesses, SANIX will abolish the existing Risk Management Office, and instead establish a Compliance Department with stronger functions. The Compliance Department will emphasize "preventive actions" to find potential risks and problems within the company and take improvement measures beforehand by establishing a self-cleansing system with enhanced internal control functions.

Furthermore, the new Department will establish a "Compliance Committee," comprising the president and other executive officers, which will meet periodically to report on the activities of the Compliance Department and the present status of compliance in SANIX, to provide a companywide compliance system.

It is also planned to form a "Compliance Council" comprising lawyers and other advisors from outside the Company. This Council will serve as an advisory organization to enhance transparency of the Company's operations.

2) Major Tasks of the Compliance Department

- Conducting compliance activities, mainly in sales activities of Home Sanitation Division

- Implementing enlightenment and educational activities on compliance with Educational Department

- Collecting and analyzing risk information, and developing preventive measures

- Collecting risk information by visiting relevant governmental agencies, and taking necessary measures based on the collected information

- Making proper responses to issues revealed through the whistleblower system

2. Date of Change

September 1, 2006

About Sanix Incorporated

Sanix (TSE: 4651) is Japan's leading provider of sanitation and environmental services. The company's business is divided into three areas; Home Sanitation, and Establishment Sanitation, which provides pest control and sanitation maintenance and protection services for offices and public facilities. The Environmental Resources Development Division provides industrial waste management solutions and recycling services. This division positions Sanix as a leading provider of environmental services to society, which is becoming increasingly concerned about the health of the environment. Sanix's long experience in industrial waste management means the company is poised to take the lead in this new field.

Source: Sanix Incorporated

Kozo Inoue, Managing Director

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Publication:JCN Newswires
Date:Sep 27, 2006
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