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Sanitising Transfer Cabinet 0DC560.


Onnic International Ltd., in collaboration with MAPCAP Technology Ltd., a specialist in food packaging, have launched and patented a Sanitising Transfer Cabinet specifically for food manufacturers. The cabinet assures improved levels of quality at reduced costs, efficiently and environmentally friendly.

The cabinet, which can be supplied in varying sizes, sanitises by utilising the unique and power-full effect of Ozone in destroying bacteria and pathogens. On completion the Ozone then reverts to oxygen as 02. Sanitisation, completed in minutes, requires no after cleaning of the product or cabinet.

No chemicals are needed as Ozone is produced within the cabinet, eliminating the added costs for procurement, storage, and waste disposal of chemicals.

The procedure is processor controlled ensuring sanitisation of the goods on leaving the cabinet: Added dwell time is not required. Access doors, on both input and exit are controlled ensuring operator error is eliminated. This is achieved by controlling the interlocks so that the doors cannot be opened at the same time.

The cabinet is easily installed in existing walls between the Low Care and High Care rooms allowing the transfer and sanitisation of materials, packaging and defective product, from the low care to the high care areas.

Independent tests conducted by the NHS laboratories show that typically three log reductions in common food spoilage bacteria and pathogens are achieved within a process time of nine minutes.

Ozone is produced from air, it is free, and the process is completely environmentally friendly.

Contact Onnic Int on tel 01489 578087 or
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Date:Jan 1, 2008
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