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Sanitary panty.

Sanitary Panty: No. 5,855,573: Kerstin Johansson, assignor to Molnlycke AB, Goteborg, Sweden. Filed 4/30/97. Issued 1/5/99.

Recently patented is a sanitary panty comprised of both a back-part and a front-part with lateral sides. Both sets of lateral sides are joined to form a waist and define leg openings. An intermediate crotch-part and elastic means extend between the front-part and the back-part of the panty for pressing an absorbent body attached to the panty into abutment with the wearer's body. These elastic pressing means include two elastic devices, which extend from a laterally central region in the crotch-part of the panty from the end of the front-part through the center panty to the back-part.
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Title Annotation:patent no. 5,855,573 issued to Molnlycke AB
Publication:Nonwovens Industry
Article Type:Brief Article
Date:Jun 1, 1999
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