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Thousands of people in Slovakia live close to landfills. Feb 20, 2020 415
Egypt plans to turn landfills into public service facilities. Samar Samir Feb 7, 2020 489
PHL only has 10 percent of needed sanitary landfills, says DENR exec. Feb 5, 2020 628
Bigger, better, cheaper landfills. Jan 9, 2020 377
DENR to LGUs: Put up affordable landfills. Jan 7, 2020 258
California Landfills: Crazy Methane Contributors. Jan Cortes Nov 15, 2019 373
Kais Saied pays inspection visit to uncontrolled landfills. Nov 11, 2019 228
Trial separation Pilot composting program aims to limit food waste going into landfills. Sep 25, 2019 412
Decorations for the New Year. Stewart, Jack (American educator) Poem Sep 22, 2019 223
Minister announces multi-agency response to identify risks from legacy landfills. Sep 11, 2019 524
Experimental Study on Compression and Intrinsic Permeability Characteristics of Municipal Solid Waste. Zeng, Gang; Ma, Jun; Hu, Dan; Wang, Jing Report Aug 31, 2019 4498
This Year Bulgaria has Allocated BGN 70 Million for Reclamation of Old Landfills. Aug 20, 2019 137
DENR to LGUs: Set up landfills or face sanctions. Aug 19, 2019 456
Sami Gemayel: We join our voice to that of our people in north Lebanon against landfills. Aug 14, 2019 105
Ilocos Norte LGUs urged to prioritize construction of landfills. Aug 13, 2019 453
Landfills in FBiH last year collected a total of 583,382 tons of communal waste. Aug 4, 2019 123
Plastic waste 'will stuff the earth's landfills by 2025'. Jun 26, 2019 652
Second Life for Recyclable Items: FIND RESOURCES TO KEEP MORE RECYCLABLES OUT OF LANDFILLS. Craven, Valerie Dennis Jun 1, 2019 433
Projects of sanitary landfills in BihaA and Bosanska Krupa presented. May 22, 2019 263
Simplified Method for Calculating the Active Earth Pressure on Retaining Walls of Narrow Backfill Width Based on DEM Analysis. Yang, Minghui; Deng, Bo Technical report Apr 30, 2019 7372
Fears raised that smoke alarms dumped in Berkshire landfills could cause cancer; Advice has been given so smoke alarms can be disposed of safely to eliminate any risk. Apr 28, 2019 637
Bright idea to produce green power; landfills may be transformed into solar farms. Mar 22, 2019 450
LITTER. Novak, JoAnna Short story Mar 22, 2019 1318
Jreissati calls for fewer landfills, more waste sorting. Mar 12, 2019 284
Biggest landfills finally close down. Mar 1, 2019 410
Nearly 300 unauthorized landfills identified in 2018: SAEPF. Feb 12, 2019 154
SAEPF discovers 299 unauthorized landfills in Kyrgyzstan in 2018. Feb 4, 2019 285
Meridian Waste Acquires 2 Knoxville Landfills. Dec 11, 2018 226
Meridian Waste Acquires 2 Knoxville Landfills. Dec 11, 2018 238
Efficient Culture of Rhodopseudomonas palustris Using Landfill Leachate. Wang, Qing; Shen, Lijun; Zhao, Zhenzhen; Yan, Hai; Xu, Qianqian; Yin, Chunhua; Liu, Xiaolu; Zhang, H Report Dec 1, 2018 4353
TAKING OUT THE TRASH: How engineering could tackle the global landfill problem. Williams, Len Report Dec 1, 2018 1558
Nearly 80 per cent of rubbish still being dumped in landfills. Nov 22, 2018 349
Lawsuits push on against controversial Beirut landfills. Oct 8, 2018 799
DENR Western Visayas requires P3.4B to build sanitary landfills. Sep 17, 2018 373
Lobby Successes! Sep 1, 2018 134
Rally in front of Beirut Municipality, Parliament demands establishment of sanitary landfills. Aug 29, 2018 130
Building of more engineered sanitary landfills urged to handle growing waste problem. Aug 26, 2018 470
Egypt large landfills to be shut: Environment official. Aug 14, 2018 362
Methane from landfills 'posing threat'. Jul 21, 2018 1450
$5.7M verdict against landfill auditor vacated. Egan, Tom Jul 12, 2018 1174
At the Dump. Bizzini, Chantal Sonnet Jul 1, 2018 227
Over 70 per cent of rubbish still dumped in landfills. May 24, 2018 605
Phobio program keeps millions of pounds of e-waste out of landfills. Apr 24, 2018 279
Phobio program keeps millions of pounds of e-waste out of landfills. Apr 24, 2018 264
Phobio program keeps millions of pounds of e-waste out of landfills. Apr 24, 2018 279
2 new Dubai plants to help divert 50% of waste going to landfills. Mar 24, 2018 454
D.E.N.R. now seeking alternatives to Navotas, Rodriguez landfills. Jan 25, 2018 583
Abu Dhabi will divert 80% waste from landfills. Jan 17, 2018 482
Vergas sheds more light on Helector-landfills kickbacks. Oct 27, 2017 665
EU allows more time to close down landfills. Oct 16, 2017 566
Village residents find bones, skulls in landfills. Sep 9, 2017 120
DENR chief suggests common landfills, gov't loans for waste management. Aug 12, 2017 566
Proposed solid waste regulations would affect local landfills. Jul 7, 2017 307
India needs New Delhi-size landfills for waste by 2050: Report. Jun 25, 2017 410
Deep landfills, shallow conscience. Jun 19, 2017 136
Naturally-occurring birds at Dubai Safari, a rehabilitated waste dump. Khan, Mohammad Ali Reza Jan 1, 2017 3780
Use of the Suitability Model to Identify Landfill Sites in Lahore-Pakistan. Rathore, S.; Ahmad, S.R.; Shirazi, S.A. Report Dec 31, 2016 3152
Assessment of landfill wastewater pollutants and efficiency of different treatment methods/ Prugilate reovee reoainesisalduse ja erinevate puhastusmeetodite hindamine. Kuusik, Aare; Pachel, Karin; Kuusik, Argo; Loigu, Enn Report Dec 1, 2016 12423
Landfills a lasting dilemma: laws have mitigated waste hazards--when the laws are enforced. Stockman, Dan Oct 21, 2016 1980
Waste authority says haulers failed to take waste to landfills in civil suit. Aug 5, 2016 676
Prediction of strain state of landfill considering soil foundation and angle of slope. Remez, N.S.; Osipova, T.A. Report Jul 1, 2016 2951
Fast food junkies. Jun 22, 2016 328
Will new landfills create a crisis for locals' health? Jun 15, 2016 1328
New York start up hopes to eliminate landfills; boost recycling of organic waste. May 13, 2016 594
Sukleen Director: Naameh landfill one of best landfills in Middle East. Apr 7, 2016 114
Majdalani: No alternative to landfills. Mar 19, 2016 168
Derbas: To establish landfills in certain places enatils conviction, not force. Mar 15, 2016 175
Loyalty to the Resistance: for the establishment of sanitary landfills. Feb 18, 2016 154
Cabinet agrees on setting up Jal El Dib intersection, resorting to landfills in case export fails. Feb 18, 2016 195
Environment Minister says three ecological landfills are enough to save villages from burning trash. Feb 3, 2016 192
Landfills: engineering design for waste control. Deck, Anita; Grubbs, Michael E. Feb 1, 2016 2775
Columbus, GA officials consider methane gas uses/expansion at landfills. Jan 31, 2016 316
UPS to power fleet with gas from landfills. Dec 28, 2015 278
Local recycling going to Florida landfills. Dec 28, 2015 565
Bottled water make up only 3.3 percent of all beverage containers in landfills. Dec 28, 2015 575
NWRA releases safety best practices for MRF's, landfills and transfer stations. Dec 14, 2015 319
In PA, two Lehigh valley landfills say they are quickly running out of space. Dec 14, 2015 915
BioHiTech helps divert food waste from landfills. Dec 14, 2015 231
75 per cent of waste still ends up in landfills. Nov 18, 2015 203
Mohammad Machnouk: We want landfills, not ships for deporting trash. Nov 6, 2015 113
Minister says landfills to close under proposal headed to cabinet. Oct 17, 2015 191
Shehayyeb: Our duty is to set up sanitary landfills to replace random dumps. Oct 2, 2015 112
Areiji: Landfills selected in Shehayeb's garbage plan are the best. Sep 10, 2015 109
Arizona firm keeps concrete out of landfills. Sep 7, 2015 418
Sustainable Hanger Program Diverts Billions of Plastic Hangers from Landfills. Aug 31, 2015 421
EPA proposes to cut methane emissions from municipal solid waste landfills. Aug 21, 2015 211
Hezbollah calls for landfills in every district. Aug 5, 2015 655
Bioaccumulation of lead and zinc in fishes from Kairiai landfill aquatic ecosystems/ Svino ir cinko kaupimasis zuvyse, gyvenanciose Kairiu savartyno vandens ekosistemose. Pilecka, Jolanta; Braduliene, Jolita; Paliulis, Dainius Report Aug 1, 2015 3386
Minimization of heavy metals migration in landfill leachate by using mixture of laterite soil and pressmud (mud cake). Mohamad, Maheera; Ahmad, Harlina; Abustan, Ismail; Ismail, Kamarudin Samuding Norli Report Aug 1, 2015 3609
Mohammad Mashnouk: For temporal landfills in locations suggested by ministry. Jul 24, 2015 112
We seek to find landfills in every region: Machnouk. Jul 23, 2015 170
European Court of Justice Finds Bulgaria Guilty in Illegal Landfills Case. Jul 20, 2015 267
$45m deal for legacy site: Russo Development / Forsgate. Brief article Jul 1, 2015 209
New legal protections proposed for Iowa County Landfills accepting bird burials. Jun 8, 2015 311
North Carolina issues permits for coal ash landfills in two counties. Jun 8, 2015 369
Iowa governor Branstad joins leaders calling on landfills to accept deceased birds. Obituary May 22, 2015 274
Coal ash disposal could provide new revenue stream for landfills. May 22, 2015 454
Verizon keeps 2 million pounds of electronic waste out of landfills. May 15, 2015 336
Verizon keeps 2 million pounds of electronic waste out of landfills. May 15, 2015 336
"No More Landfills!" Green-Tech Crowdfunding Pitch Debuts. Apr 10, 2015 382
Seattle Public Utilities launches threadcycle to keep linens out of landfills. Mar 27, 2015 267
Illinois county shifting garbage from landfills to recycling and recovery efforts. Feb 25, 2015 467
Landfill leachate treatment using electro-coagulation-flotation process. Majlesi, Monireh; Yazdanbakhsh, Ahmad Reza; Jabbari, Vahid; Sheikhmohammadi, Amir Report Feb 1, 2015 3124
Landfills or incinerators for Lebanon? Jan 9, 2015 995
Bringing attention to the massive quantities of boxed up children's toys in garages and attics around the country, Old Spice held a holiday toy donation program with non-profit Second Chance Toys, an organization dedicated to keeping plastic toys out of landfills by donating them to children in need throughout local communities in the US. Jan 1, 2015 116
Optimization of ammoniacal nitrogen removal from mature landfill leachate viaultrasonication. Bashir, Mohammed J.K.; AbuAmr, Salem S.; Hui, Esther Yap Wen; Aun, Ng Choon; Aziz, Hamidi Abdul Report Jan 1, 2015 3709
Assessment of Floristic Microbial Composition and Growth of Sphenostylis stenocarpa (Hochst Ex A. Rich) in Soil from Two Dumpsites in Benin City Nigeria. Report Dec 31, 2014 5409
Recycling might be option for coal ash instead of landfills. Dec 11, 2014 561
Greece receives hefty fines for operation of illegal landfills. Dec 3, 2014 183
Landfills study. Oct 25, 2014 102
Villages of Issyk-Kul region lack authorized landfills. Sep 12, 2014 126
Landfills in Illinois have a 21-year life expectancy, says EPA report. Sep 8, 2014 470
EPA finalizes plan to address closed landfills in New Jersey. Aug 22, 2014 462
EPA proposes updates to reduce methane, other harmful pollution from new landfills. Jul 14, 2014 357
2 Colorado cleans up. Brief article Jul 1, 2014 129
Aurora healthcare to pay fines for improper disposal in Wisconsin landfills. Jun 26, 2014 169
New court agreement for odor, fire control at Bridgeton, West Lake landfills. Jun 26, 2014 190
Vancouver prepares for tough disposal rules to divert organic waste from landfills. Jun 26, 2014 423
Some landfills may be exempt from Supreme Court ruling on carbon emissions. Jun 26, 2014 163
County Council bill would limit rubble landfills in Maryland county. May 23, 2014 346
Colorado targets tire landfills and subsidies to bolster recycling. May 9, 2014 633
Marcellus waste radioactivity in water leaching from landfills. Apr 25, 2014 354
Food waste bans in landfills spur product development. Apr 25, 2014 379
W. Va. senate passes drilling waste in landfills bill. Mar 14, 2014 272
Iowa bill would let cities dump trash from ash trees in landfills. Mar 14, 2014 319
Michigan landfills getting less trash from locals; Canada refuse up 13 per cent. Feb 27, 2014 126
Environmentalists Hail EC Move to Sue Bulgaria over Illegal Landfills. Jan 24, 2014 444
European Commission Takes Bulgaria to Court over Illegal Landfills. Jan 23, 2014 339
New York City joins other states with bans on organic waste in landfills. Jan 13, 2014 746
Physical and chemical characterization of different stages of landfill leachate from Ain Temouchent engineered landfill (Algeria). Aicha, Chadli; Bey, Baba Hamed Mohamed; Mebrouk, Kihal Report Jan 1, 2014 4548
Leakage performance of the GM + CCL liner system for the MSW landfill. Jingjing, Fan Report Jan 1, 2014 5477
At least 40% of active, Texas landfills are leaking toxins. Dec 23, 2013 325
N. Hempstead, Long Island may use landfills for solar energy plants. Dec 23, 2013 286
Fracking waste fills WV landfills under new rule: environmentalists concerned. Dec 11, 2013 680
Concern over West Virginia Shale waste in landfills spreads across state. Nov 22, 2013 561
Kotsiatis and Vati landfills get two-year reprieve. Nov 15, 2013 330
Wabash Valley, Ill Hershey plant stops using landfills, goes for zero waste. Nov 8, 2013 249
Plan to reduce waste dumped into San Diego landfills presented to city council. Nov 8, 2013 206
An analysis of Romania's municipal waste within the European context. Iacoboaea, Cristina; Luca, Oana; Petrescu, Florian Report Nov 1, 2013 3416
A team of University of New Hampshire students who proposed to reduce the amount of reusable items that end up in landfills was the winning student team in the recent statewide Social Business Innovation Challenge. Oct 18, 2013 139
Almost 16 tons of Marcellus Shale waste stopped at Pennsylvania Landfills in 2012. Oct 1, 2013 313
Putting waste to work: the amount of food waste generated by manufacturing facilities continues to be a concern, but the industry has shown great initiative in diverting its waste from the landfills and putting it to better use. Jahn, Lindsey Oct 1, 2013 448
Bloomberg seeks to ban food from landfills in New York City. Sep 25, 2013 542
Renewed life; Old landfills getting new uses. Spencer, Susan Aug 10, 2013 1174
Qualitative research and evaluation of landfill leachate/Kokybiniai savartyno filtrato tyrimai ir vertinimas. Kacinskaja, Irina; Baziene, Kristina; Vasarevicius, Saulius Report Aug 1, 2013 3346
Cyprus censured over landfills. Jul 20, 2013 339
Modeling of temperature field distribution in mine dumps with spread prediction. Machacek, Z.; Hajovsky, R. Report Jul 1, 2013 2380
Public infrastructure disparities and the microbiological and chemical safety of drinking and surface water supplies in a community bordering a landfill. Heaney, Christopher D.; Wing, Steve; Wilson, Sacoby M.; Campbell, Robert L.; Caldwell, David; Hopkin Report Jun 1, 2013 8417
Biogeochemical and engineering characteristics of soils and groundwater around a dumpsite. Odukoya, A.M.; Oresanya, O.; Abimbola, A.F. Report Jun 1, 2013 3620
2011 NEHA Sabbatical Report: from then to now, and here to there: a glimpse at contaminated lands and environmental health issues in the UK. Campbell, Julia Apr 1, 2013 1215
California company to launch automatic food waste dispenser, targets landfills. Lucas, Laurie Mar 1, 2013 555
Innovative program in Iowa may reduce environmental impact of landfills. Mar 1, 2013 603
Dear EarthTalk: I understand that the "environmental justice" movement seeks to protect the poor and non-white communities from being unfairly targeted to host activities like sewage treatment plants, landfills and polluting factories. Feb 24, 2013 563
Prediction of heavy metal removal by different liner materials from landfill leachate: modeling of experimental results using artificial intelligence technique. Turan, Nurdan Gamze; Gumucel, Emine Beril; Ozgonenel, Okan Report Jan 1, 2013 3175
Environmental risk assessment system for phosphogypsum tailing dams. Sun, Xin; Ning, Ping; Tang, Xiaolong; Yi, Honghong; Li, Kai; Zhou, Lianbi; Xu, Xianmang Report Jan 1, 2013 8741
Clogging test of landfill leachate drainage using different fillers/Skirtingu uzpildu tinkamumo, siekiant isvengti filtrato drenazo uzsikimsimo, tyrimas. Baziene, Kristina; Vasarevicius, Saulius; Siddiqui, Asif A. Report Dec 1, 2012 3223
Toxics Action Center names "dirty dozen" landfills in New England. Dec 1, 2012 203
No ordinary landfill--Madison County's alternative energy programs. Roy, Mary; Stegemann, Eileen Dec 1, 2012 782
Bulgaria Will Avoid EC Punitive Measures over Landfills - Minister. Nov 22, 2012 447
European Commission Warns Bulgaria over Landfills. Nov 21, 2012 137
Industrial waste leading to a disaster We need proper landfills. Oct 31, 2012 422
WB readies incentives for landfills. Oct 25, 2012 377
Analysis of a municipal landfill drainage layer using tyre shreds and rubble/Savartyno drenazo sluoksnio uzsikimsimo tyrimas naudojant smulkintas padangas ir skalda. Baziene, Kristina; Vasarevicius, Saulius Report Oct 1, 2012 3120
Study indicates landfills worth billions in recyclables. Aug 14, 2012 636
Kick curbside recycling to the curb! Even amongst fiscal conservatives, defending curbside recycling is an almost knee-jerk reaction: of course, it's beneficial. But what if it doesn't provide its claimed benefits? Farmer, Brian Aug 6, 2012 2415
Landfills leading us to Court of Justice. Jun 22, 2012 560
Oakville - unprotected: a study in environmental injustice. Van Dalen, Corinne Jun 22, 2012 4096
Vermont governor signs bill banning recyclables in landfills. Jun 21, 2012 289
Landfills reduce methane emissions by 27 percent since 1990 says EPA report. May 5, 2012 126
Hungarian company holds economic and environmental consulting for waste disposal in landfills in Bishkek. May 3, 2012 227
Landfill is target for bioenergy project. Apr 1, 2012 303
Michigan considers lifting ban on yard waste in landfills. Mar 26, 2012 241
Louisiana lawmakers considers ban on e-waste in landfills by August 1. Mar 26, 2012 110
Fire at unpermitted Tsuu T'ina landfill causes concerns in Calgary. Narine, Shari Mar 1, 2012 546
Only one dream--not to visit London, but the biggest landfill in the United Kingdom. Baziene, Kristina Mar 1, 2012 387
Landfills can reduce pollution, but .... City waste is mismanaged. Essay Feb 28, 2012 795
Land fill site selection for municipal solid waste management using GSI method, Malayer, Iran. Khanlari, Gholamreza; Abdilor, Yasin; Babazadeh, Reza; Mohebi, Yazdan Report Feb 1, 2012 2970
EU warns Cyprus over landfills. Jan 27, 2012 405
Two landfills near Mexico City in danger of overflowing due to closures. Jan 16, 2012 115
NHL breaks ice on diverting materials from landfills. Dec 5, 2011 196
Landfills still public enemy No. 1 according to property development survey. Oct 17, 2011 120
Abu Dhabi to divert 90% of waste from landfills Incentives to cut trash. Oct 5, 2011 670
Presswood pallets divert millions of pounds of wood waste from landfills. Oct 1, 2011 105
Loparex is landfill-free. Brief article Sep 1, 2011 233
Report: amount of paper in landfills down sharply. Jul 19, 2011 146
Honda of America attempting to drive vendors away from landfills. Jul 19, 2011 351
Study of biodegradable products in landfills criticized by bioplastics manufacturers. Jul 5, 2011 305
Photovoltaics on landfills in Puerto Rico. Salasovich, Jimmy; Mosey, Gail Report Jul 1, 2011 3794
Waste reduction effect on methane emission in landfill. Meidiana, Christia; Gamse, Thomas Report Jul 1, 2011 3333
The Owens Community College (Ohio) Environmental Club is raising environmental awareness by giving new life to worn-out jeans and jackets previously destined for landfills. Jun 27, 2011 144
Solar energy at landfills. Jun 1, 2011 153
Tennessee lawmakers vote against bill banning LLRW in state's landfills. May 27, 2011 291
Project Navigator, Ltd. Will Compete to Develop PV Solar Installations on New York City Landfills. May 26, 2011 557
Alabama lawmakers approve two-year moratorium on new landfills in state. May 16, 2011 246
Michigan landfills disposed of mammoth amounts of solid waste in FY 2010. May 2, 2011 469
Putting landfill gas to good use: landfills are a potent source of methane--and, potentially, energy. Cho, Renee May 1, 2011 990
Ghana burns its health away: "one of the biggest environmental crimes perpetrated on earth" is taking place right in Accra, Ghana's capital, where a good 15% of the world's e-waste is dumped--and burned! A new illustrated book, just published by the South African photographer, Pieter Hugo, has blown the lid off a crime perpetrated by pseudo-businesses masquerading as "recyclers". Osei Boateng reports. Boateng, Osei May 1, 2011 2154
Pallet manufacturer diverts 11,000 tons of wood waste from landfills. Apr 18, 2011 178
Ford automobile component keeps 4 million pounds of carpet waste from landfills. Apr 18, 2011 178
Sleeping with the enemy: the economic cost of internal environmental conflicts. Cherry, Todd L.; Cotten, Stephen J. Apr 1, 2011 5901
Plan to recycle 40% of waste in Sharjah landfills. Mar 16, 2011 759
Bentley signs order imposing moratorium on creation, expansion of large landfills. Mar 14, 2011 214
Missouri DNR receives grant from USDA on rural landfills. Mar 14, 2011 178
Investigation and evaluation of [H.sub.2]S emissions from a municipal landfill/Sieros vandenilio issiskyrimo komunaliniu atlieku savartyne tyrimai ir ivertinimas. Vasarevicius, Saulius Report Mar 1, 2011 4792
Arkansas measure prevents disposal of electronic devices in landfills. Feb 28, 2011 218
Cruisin' the dump. Burke, Christine Brief article Feb 1, 2011 274
Ohio EPA releases draft rules on demolition debris landfills. Jan 17, 2011 425
Wisconsin DNR: oil filters banned from landfills beginning next year. Dec 16, 2010 389
Half of all General Motors facilities now send zero waste to landfills. Dec 16, 2010 117
Pharmaceuticals found in Maine landfills. Nov 3, 2010 312
Australians ready to fight govt. plan to reclassify radioactive waste for landfills. Nov 3, 2010 270
Australians ready to fight govt. plan to reclassify rad waste for landfills. Oct 27, 2010 269
Request of offers from local & international engineering consultancy offices for the design & supervision of construction of two sanitary landfills & treatment facilities to serve 6th October City, Sheikh Zayed City & New Cairo City. Sep 28, 2010 195
San Francisco diverts 77% of waste from landfills, exceeding city's goal. Sep 14, 2010 169
CalRecycle issues revised rules on solid waste landfills. Jul 12, 2010 270
Crist vetoes measure on disposal of yard trimmings in landfills. Jul 12, 2010 300
MillerCoors announces 20% reduction in waste sent to landfills. Jul 12, 2010 214
AT&T's report reveals company sends less than 4% of waste to landfills. Jun 28, 2010 176
Mercy saves local landfills and big bucks. Jun 1, 2010 519
Cutting technology costs with refurbished computers: preowned models at reduced prices fill some districts' needs--and stay out of landfills. Dessoff, Alan Jan 1, 2010 2770
'Ponyo' effect is easy to sea. Schilling, Mark Brief article Oct 5, 2009 168
Grey cloud hangs over Site 41 celebration. Thompson, Isha Sep 1, 2009 812
Methane capture: options for greenhouse gas emission reduction. Bracmort, Kelsi; Ramseur, Jonathan L.; McCarthy, James E.; Folger, Peter; Marples, Donald J. Report Sep 1, 2009 9530
Evapotranspiration covers for landfills and waste sites. Book review Sep 1, 2009 167
Methane reduction possibility study in Rasht city landfills considering green development mechanism. Asadollahfardi, Gholamreza; Joghatayi, Fatemeh; Safari, Edvin Report Sep 1, 2009 2554
Investigation of influence of Lapes landfill leachate on ground and surface water pollution with heavy metals/Lapiu savartyno filtrato itakos aplinkos pavirsiniu ir pozeminiu vandenu uzterstumui sunkiaisiais metalais tyrimai. Jaskelevicius, Bronius; Lynikiene, Vaida Report Sep 1, 2009 5166
Activists back recycling, not landfills; Environmentalists submit petition about master plan. Aug 16, 2009 705
A landfill closure and housing values. Kinnaman, Thomas C. Report Jul 1, 2009 5954
The million-dollar mattress. Brief article Jul 1, 2009 108
The health impact of nonhazardous solid waste disposal in a community: the case of the Mare Chicose landfill in Mauritius. Goorah, Smita Sulackshana Devi; Esmyot, Mary Libera Isabelle; Boojhawon, Ravindra Report Jul 1, 2009 5577
Laboratory studies on unconfined compressive strength of solid waste landfill liner material. Venkatesan, G.; Swaminathan, G. Report Jul 1, 2009 2543
Municipal solid waste management: reduction of methane emission from landfill disposal system in India. Khajuria, Anupam; Matsui, Takanori; Machimura, Takashi; Morioka, Tohru Report Jun 1, 2009 1758
New technology could bury landfills forever. May 30, 2009 598
Dulsco launches 'Recycle to Regain' as part of initiative to reduce growing waste levels in Dubai landfills. May 13, 2009 608
Dear reader. Grannis, Pete Apr 1, 2009 335
Toxicity evaluation of pesticide waste leachate by Allium cepa Root (growth and cytogenetic) assay. Sarvesh; Singh, J.; Singh, Pradeep K.; Singh, Vikas; Singh, Yogendra P. Report Mar 1, 2009 4441
Television in transition: the switch to digital TV broadcasts has state lawmakers concerned that old sets will flood landfills. Spielvogel, Tamra Feb 1, 2009 1420
DES denies Bethlehem landfill permit. Brief article Jan 2, 2009 194
Evaluating the potential impact of a proposed landfill. Wilson, Shawn E. Report Jan 1, 2009 7566
Waste power 'must be priority': IMechE criticises landfill strategy as over-emphasising recyling at expense of energy source. Brief article Dec 10, 2008 291
Construction and demolition (C&D) landfills: emerging public and occupational health issues. Colledge, Michelle; Wilder, Lynn Sep 1, 2008 2232
Sorting through sadness: the high cost of recycling at a Cambodian landfill. Brown, John Jul 1, 2008 973
Sorting through sadness: the high cost of recycling at a Cambodian landfill. Brown, John Jun 30, 2008 972
Landfill site produces fuel. Brief article Jun 25, 2008 142
Conservation program benefits NY landfills. Apr 2, 2008 170
Down in the dumps: residents of a city in Italy find out what happens when the landfills fill up. Norlander, Britt Mar 31, 2008 1177
Japan to boost power generation from waste, end dumping in landfills. Mar 9, 2008 345
Solvent solution could delay 'peak lithium'. Brief article Feb 1, 2008 257
An open letter on the Bethlehem landfill. Goldstein, Seth Nov 9, 2007 580
Garbage, garbage everywhere: environment a concern as trash piles up at landfills. Grenn, Ben Aug 1, 2007 1225
Agfa, Fuji Lessen Landfills' Impact. Staff, E&P Jul 24, 2007 500
To incinerate or not to incinerate: Richard Gilbert and Mark Winfield debate the burning issue. Discussion Jul 1, 2007 2207
Move the job. Jun 1, 2007 540
Methane collection efficiency of horizontal landfill gas collectors. Wang-Yao, Komsilp; Towprayoon, Sirintornthep; Chiemchaisri, Chart; Gheewala, Shabbir H.; Nopharatana Report Jun 1, 2007 2288
Bill should kill Canterbury landfill plan. May 11, 2007 382
South Carolina County nixes future C&D landfills. Apr 1, 2007 158
The magic mountain: trickle-down economics in a Philippine garbage dump. Power, Matthew Dec 1, 2006 8303
Nantucket raises C&D disposal fees. Brief article Jul 1, 2006 96
Sanitary landfill equipment. Wagenhein, Kal Brief article Jun 1, 2006 98
Integrated bioengineering and geotechnical treatments for streambank restoration and stabilization along a landfill. Barrett, K.; Goldsmith, W.; Silva, M. May 1, 2006 6265
Waste disposal in First-Nations communities: the issues and steps toward the future. Bear, Austin Mar 1, 2006 3658
Landfill changes in store for Ohio. Brief Article Feb 1, 2006 111
Income capitalization approach appropriate to measure value of landfill under a conditional use permit. Brief Article Jun 22, 2005 303
Application of constructed wetlands to the treatment of leachates from a municipal solid waste landfill in Ibadan, Nigeria. Sridhar, M.K.C. Jun 1, 2005 3997
Getting their fill. Brief Article Mar 1, 2005 164
Public agency muscles into C&D market. Jan 1, 2005 255
Burma Road Borrow Pit 2 soil investigation. Brown, Erin Brief article Jan 1, 2005 261
The disaster of residential land fill caused by earthquakes. Okimura, Takashi Jan 1, 2005 2191
N.H. may modify C&D fines ban. Brief Article Nov 1, 2004 299
Influence of toxic metals on activity of acid and alkaline phosphatase enzymes in metal-contaminated landfill soils. Roy, S.; Bhattacharyya, P.; Ghosh, A.K. May 1, 2004 4049
Painting an LBP picture: crushing and recycling concrete that contains lead-based paint may pose few real hazards. Cosper, Stephen Mar 1, 2004 1546
NCC wins SEK105m landfill facility contract in Norway. Brief Article Jan 26, 2004 144
A survey approach for demonstrating stigma effects in property value litigation. Flynn, James; MacGregor, Donald G.; Hunsperger, Wayne; Mertz, C.K.; Johnson, Stephen M. Jan 1, 2004 6934
Political garbage stinks: McGuinty. Ross, Ian Oct 1, 2003 839
Mississippi County, Blytheville battle over bills. Friedman, Mark Brief Article Aug 11, 2003 258
Multiple choice: recyclers have several options when choosing equipment to shred wood and mixed C&D materials. Taylor, Brian Aug 1, 2003 1967
Developments and trends in municipal solid waste management. Traeger, Dave; Sprague, Dick May 15, 2003 2399
Overcoming design and construction challenges for Texas landfill. Davison, Mitch May 1, 2003 1069
YIT to build household waste landfill in Latvia. Brief Article Apr 2, 2003 130
FTN helps Weyerhaeuser save about $1 million. Mar 3, 2003 356
Similitude in landfill research: sizing of refuse for laboratory studies. (Social Science, Environmental, Field Biology Poster Session 02:00 PM-03:00 PM). Hughes, Kerry L.; Murphy, Timothy J.; Christy, Ann D. Abstract Mar 1, 2003 333
Treatment of landfill leachate with reverse osmosis. (Water Quality and Treatment 02:00 PM, Saturday, April 5, 2003 Brewer/Frost Science 138 Dr. Yung-Tse Hung-Presiding). Hung, Yung-Tse; Javvaji, Rama Krishna; Lo, Howard H. Abstract Mar 1, 2003 250
LANDFILL CONTRACT. Brief Article Dec 1, 2002 219
The road to shingle recycling: recycled roofing shingles can make an ideal ingredient in hot mix asphalt pavements. (Commodity Focus). Decker, Dale S. Sep 1, 2002 1752
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