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Sandwich sun catcher.

Would you like to catch a bit of sunshine? Try this sandwich sun catcher.

You Will Need:

* Dry rice
* Small dishes
* Spoons
* Food coloring
* Stencil or cookie cutter
* Paper
* Pencil
* Clear contact paper
* Tape
* Scissors
* A piece of string about
  10 inches long
* 2 clear notebook hole reinforcers



1. Add a few drops of food coloring
to a handful of dry rice and stir well
with a spoon. Repeat with three or
four colors.

2. Trace the stencil or cookie
cutter design onto a piece of notebook

3. Cut two squares of contact
paper, 4 inches larger than your
design. Peel the backing from one
of the squares and lay it, sticky side
up, on your design. Tape the contact
paper to the notebook paper
so it won't shift.

4. Carefully make a picture inside
your design with the colored rice.

5. Peel the backing from the other
piece of contact paper and place
it over the rice-covered piece,
sticky side down. This is your
"sandwich." Press the pieces
together, squeezing out air bubbles.

6. To make the border, trace a
circle or heart 2 to 3 inches larger
than your design on the contact
paper. Lift the sandwich and cut
around border.

7. Place a notebook hole reinforcer
at the top of the sandwich so that
the opening does not touch the
contact paper. Apply the other
reinforcer over the first one, sticky
sides together, to form a hanger.

8. Hang in a sunny window.


Illustrated by Patti Goodnow

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Author:Ammon, Mary Ann
Publication:Children's Digest
Geographic Code:1USA
Date:May 1, 2009
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