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Sandra's cheered up; TELE VIEW.


Sandra Voe was the actress who played out the sad true story of schizophrenic Anna in ATV's harrowing documentary of a fortnight ago.

But she is back on television tonight in a more cheerful role, as a chirpy charlady in Coronation Street (ATV. 7.30).

Not that the versatile Miss Voe lets a difficult part upset her. She met her husband when they were both playing witches in Macbeth.

He is writer and director Rex Doyle and the couple live with their three children in Sheffield where he works at the Crucible Theatre.

She recalls that strange first meeting. "Rex was also playing a witch and, no, it certainly wasn't love at first sight with that make-up on.

"But the Shakespeare touring company we were working for later cast us both in The Merchant of Venice.

"Rex played Gratiano and I was Netissa, and in the play the two characters fall in love. And that's what happened to us off stage too. So we got married."

Sandra plays charlady Brenda Palin in Coronation Street. She advertises her service in the corner shop and one of her first clients turns out to be Hilda Ogden.

In real life her hobbies extend beyond housework however. At the moment she is learning Russian.

And during her childhood she became used to another language - the patois of the Shetland Isles where she was born.

"Voe is their word far a sheltered fiord," says Sandra, "and I decided to adopt it as my stage name.

"I was born Sandra Williamson, but that didn't sound sufficiently glamorous when I was at drama school, so I became Sandra Voe.

"In a way I regret the change. Williamson sounds a nice, sensible name to me now.

"And a lot of people can't get the hang of the name Voe, so I get letters addressed to Sandra Doe, Bow, Vos and Vote."

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