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Sandra's advice : Our roots go deep! GET IN TOUCH WITH A TREE.

Byline: Sandra Ramdhanie

IN EVERY Ancient culture, including that of the Celtic people, trees were significant and sacred as well as being one of their most valuable resources.

Trees were a source of wood used for building houses and shelter for animals, of fuel for heat, cooking, and making weapons for catching food as well as protection.

As well as their many practical uses, certain trees were also believed to house nature spirits or a powerful spiritual presence.

Trees are living things, filled with the essence and energy of the Four Elements and especially the Earth.They exude an aura of power that many people sense.

There are endless myths, legends and beliefs surrounding trees which reflect the power the ancient cultures sensed and drew from their presence.

The specific trees varied between different places and cultures, but the ones considered mystical or sacred shared certain traits.

They were prized for their size, beauty, qualities of the wood they produce and fruits, nuts or flowers they bear.

According to Celtic Tree Astrology, we are at the moment in the Tree Month and Astrolology Sign Ngetal (pronounced nyettal), the Reed (or young Dutch Elm Tree) which started on October 28 and ends November 24. November 1 was the Fire Festival of Samhain, the Celtic New Years Day.

Magickal History & Associations: The birds associated with the month of Reed are the owl and goose, the colour is bright green, and the gemstones are emerald, green jade, green agate or green jasper. Symbols of this Celtic month are White Hounds, The Stone, the Planets Pluto and Mars.

The Month of Reed represents the mysteries of life, death and rebirth and symbolises Royalty and Divine rights.

The White Hounds represent the dogs that guard the lunar mysteries. The Elm tree is also associated with Tuesday, a lucky day for those born under this Celtic Zodiac sign.

Magickal usage: The month of Elm/Reed is a time for playing music, singing and dancing.

Because the Earth Energies are so powerful at this time of year, the veil between this world and the Afterworld becomes fragile, allowing us a glimpse into the next dimension, so this is an excellent time for using or developing and using Psychic and Healing abilities.

The Elm is commonly known as "the elf friend" where nature spirits dwell.

If you wish to try and contact wood elves, or ask for their help and blessings, Elm trees are believed to be a channel for communication with various nature spirits.

Stand with your back against the tree trunk, breathe slowly and deeply to try and tune in to the Energy of the tree.

Feel its powerful spiritual essence gather at the base of your spine, and as you relax through deep breathing, feel the powerful green Energy surge up your spine, emerging from the Crown Chakra just above the top of your head.

Stand tall and proud to allow the tree power energise your Aura and tune up your Chakras.

To achieve your heart's desire, spill some wine or mead into the trees roots, sprinkle a pinch of tobacco and sage, and bury three coins in the earth beneath the tree.

Place tiny twigs of Elm in a pouch along with your favourite gemstones, you can wear it or hang it over your bed.

A piece of an Elm branch tied with a yellow cord and burned is said to to prevent and protect you from gossip.

It is also a tree with great protective qualities so its wood, branches, twigs and dried leaves can be made into talismans and charms for protection, celestial and angelic connection, prosperity and fertility, and loyalty.


An elm tree
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Nov 6, 2005
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