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Byline: Sandra Ramdhanie

Sandra Ramdhanie is a Psychic Consultant, paranormal author and researcher. She has

helped probe some of Ireland's most baffling cases of supernatural events

Going Retro

SATURN continues to dominate the evening sky. You may be able to see it near the stars Castor and Pollux in the constellation Gemini.

Mars can be seen as a faint red object in the eastern morning sky, easiest to spot just before dawn.

Venus has been visible recently but is beginning to fade from the morning sky as it gets too close to the sun for us to observe her.

On February 2 Jupiter goes retrograde in Libra opposite Aries and remains that way until June 5.

A planet is described as retrograde when it appears to be moving backwards through the zodiac. However the planets are never actually retrograde or stationary. They appear to go backwards due to an optical illusion.

Every planet retrogrades at some time and this is usually thought to indicate a period of seemingly inevitable or fated events on a personal, national and global level.

Normally Venus turns retrograde about every 18 months and Mars approximately every two years, so this year is unusual as both Venus and Mars turn retrograde.

This predicts major effects on people's emotional lives. Plan well ahead if you are intending to implement significant changes or decisions

If you were born between October 9 and 14 you will feel the strongest effects of the retrograde energy from these planetary movements.

For Aries, those born between April 6 to the 11 will feel the full energy from this planetary change.

Issues relating to love, friendships and relations are highlighted due to Venus being at 29 degrees on the day Jupiter goes retrograde, and dramatic developments are likely. Jupiter goes retrograde at 18 Libra (opposite 18 Aries ). Those most affected were born between October 9 and 14 (Libra folks) with those born on October 11, receiving the bulk of the retrograde energy from this planet.

In the opposite sign, Aries, those born between April 6 and 11 will be most effected, with those born on April 8, receiving the full energy from this planet.

If you have natal Jupiter retrograde in your birth chart, expect a new wave of excitement, prosperity, new friends and emotional fulfillment.


IMBOLG or Imbolc, celebrated on Wednesday, February 2, is also known as Oimelc, means "ewe's milk" and refers to the pregnant sheep coming into milk at this time of year.

Imbolg celebrations are performed to welcome back the sun, which is slowly beginning to regain its strength.

Days are growing longer now, and we notice signs of Spring's imminent return.

This special holiday in ancient times was sacred to the Celtic Healing Goddess, Brigid, and people's faith and love for her was so strong that when Christianity arrived in Ireland the Church was forced to recognise her.

So she became St. Brigit, and Imbolg became St Brigit's Day, also called Candlemas as lighting candles and fires was the most common activity for the day.

With spring on the way, weather prediction was a common rite practised at this time and our ancestors observed the behaviour of animals, often hedgehogs, to predict weather changes, to keep their flocks and crops from seasonal hazards like frost.

In the USA this tradition is the basis for Groundhog Day, also celebrated on February 2.


Howard Hughes

Recluse back on big screen

Name: Howard Hughes

Date of birth: December 24, 1905.

Sun sign: CapricornBORN with Jupiter retrograde in Taurus and an ambitious Capricorn Sun, this reclusive multi-millionaire was destined from birth to make his mark on the world.

With current Jupiter transits, it no surprise to find the deceased businessman back in the news with the Golden Globe awards, Oscar nominations and publicity surrounding the movie The Aviator, which deals with his Hollywood years.

Hughes's eccentricity, preoccupation with issues relating to health, life and death in his later years may also be connected to this particular line-up.

The notorious Dr Harold Shipman who committed suicide in jail while serving a sentence for mass murder of many of his patients, was also born with his Sun in Capricorn and Jupiter retrograde.

Jupiter also occupied potent positions at the time of both their deaths.

While Howard Hughes is by no means as notorious as Shipman, his legend will live on.

And I strongly suspect that The Aviator will prove a smash hit, not because people want to learn about Howard Hughes but because he is being played by Leonardo DiCaprio.

This is the ritual for you

Dear Sandra,

I HAVE been following your page for a few years now, and feel very connected to what you write about earth energies, healing development and spirituality.

Can you tell me if there is anything special I can do for Candlemas, to help me connect with Brigit the Goddess of Healing?

Maureen, Galway

Dear Maureen,

AT THIS time we celebrate new life and new beginnings, and welcome the returning light and warmth of spring.

To tune into Imbolc energy and this week's planetary aspects, light a candle in every room. Best colours for candles, flowers and clothes are white, yellow or pink.

Fill a vase with fresh Rosemary if you grow it or know someone who does, or rub Rosemary Oil on the candles you burn. Carnations and carnation oil are potent for attracting good fortune, fertility and abundance and burning jasmine, neroli or carnation incense will fill your aura and your home with healing light.

To light the loving, healing, transforming flame of the Goddess Brigid in your heart, use a white candle anointed with Rosemary, Carnation, Sandalwood or Jasmine Oil.

Place the candle in front of you with a symbol or symbols of what is important to you now.

Use a heart-shaped object or photo of your loved one for love; some coins for prosperity; a picture of a house if seeking a new home; photo of a loved one in the spirit world for connection with a dear departed one; anoint your 3rd eye and palms of your hands with your chosen oil for psychic and healing development.


Sandra regrets that she cannot reply privately to readers' letters


Leonardo DiCaprio playing Hughes in The Aviator; Photo of Howard Hughes Hulton Archive/Getty Images
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