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Byline: Sandra Ramdhanie

Sandra Ramdhanie is a Psychic Consultant, paranormal author and researcher. She has

helped probe some of Ireland's most baffling cases of supernatural events


AS NOVEMBER came to a close, Venus and Mars conjoined in the sign of Scorpio where they remain at the moment.

Scorpio is the sign of intensity, intuition,depth, sexuality, and mystery, so on a personal level we can expect passion, excitement and an element of surprise or the unexpected.

The current Libran Venus-Jupiter pairing is a rare one, so exceptional forces are at work in the heavens.

We can see this happen on a Global level in the news with unexpected upheaval and revelations, but soon we will have evidence of the beneficial effects in our personal lives.

This is a time for socialising and celebrations. Venus-Mars conjunctions typically are expressed in more personal ways, in particular in one-on-one romantic relationships.

Conjunctions can often connote new beginnings and initiations and with Venus and Mars together in Scorpio, this may be a time of renewal, loving reunions and closure, as well as new romantic liaisons.

Scorpio influences our personal energies with a passionate, extreme, and unconventionally imaginative nature. Attractions of Venus and Mars in this sign can be hot, concealed, powerful and with a seemingly fated or karmic quality.

This conjunction will be particularly relevant to Scorpions and Ariens, individuals with a Scorpio Moon or Ascendant, or a strong Scorpio or Arien influence in their birth charts who are also affected by a major Pluto transit.

Lucky gemstones to wear this month are ruby, diamond, emerald, garnet, bloodstone, hematite and turquoise.

I'm in a plane funk over trip

Dear Sandra,

I AM very happily married, my husband is Australian and this year we want to spend Christmas with his family.

I am nervous about flying. I made my one and only journey by air to Australia two years ago and even now it's three weeks away and I'm thinking of it already.

I managed fairly ok, but the its the idea that that I can't just stop in a car and get out when I want to.

After about eight hours in the air I got a bad panic attack.

Is there anything you could tell me to reassure me that it is going to be alright, and any advice.

Joanne, Foxrock.

Dear Joanne,

Yours is quite a common fear, and instead of worrying start preparing from now to make your trip an enjoyable one

Recognise that it is an irrational fear. Road travel is is statistically far more dangerous, you are safer on a plane than in a car.

Avoid alcohol and drink lots of water before and during the flight.

A Bring sweets or mints to suck during the flight. Nervousness leads to a dry mouth, the brain interpretsPositive visualisation takes terror away this as a danger signal and switches on the panic response.

O Program youself to adopt a positive attitude in advance. Frequent flyers usually relax and enjoy the flight. It gets them to their destination faster and they sit back and allow the pilots to do the work. Its similar to being on a train. You can't stop a train either. Bring with you a bottle of Bach rescue remedy. Place a few drops of Lavender oil on a tissue and keep it handy to sniff while breathing deeply to relax. Once you are in the plane concentrate on relaxing and visualising your happy arrival

Best wishes for a comfortable trip.



Why Nat had to take wing

Name: Natalie Appleton

Star sign: Taurus

Born: May 14, 1973

AS TAURUS rules the throat, Natalie shares her Sun sign with many singers and has the added advantage of Mercury in the sign of the Bull.

This makes her persuasive and stubborn with an inner strength and drive she conceals beneath her girlish charm.

This is a lady who almostalways gets what she wants, and Pluto, Uranus and her Moon in diplomatic Libra usually help bring out the

protective side in those around her.

She communicates best on a one-to-one basis, oozing double-Taurean sensuality, while Jupiter in Aquarius adds a fragile air to an ambitious, practical individual.

Unfortunately she has not learned how mix in a crowd situation, or how to communicate with other women as she feels threatened by them.

Her neediness and insecurities were more than obvious to the public and a major factor in her recent departure from I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.


It's a time for loving reunions; Photos: REX FEATURES; Natalie's I'm A Celebrity fiasco was predictable
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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Dec 5, 2004
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