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Sandio Technology Brings Most Advanced 3D Mouse to 2007 CES.

Available now, newest gaming mouse offers unique functions, innovative technologies

LAS VEGAS -- Sandio Technology Corporation, a 3D input technology company, will introduce 3D Game O', the world's first 6DOF 3D gaming mouse, based on its 3DEasy technology, at the 2007 International CES in Las Vegas.

Sandio's new 3D Game O' enhances PC users' experiences in 3D applications, such as Google Earth and Google SketchUp, and takes PC gamers to a higher level of excitement and fun using the unique Sandio 6DOF 3D input technology.

3D Game O' is a laser mouse with multiple resolution of up to 2000 dpi, a unique voice reporting of dpi change, a 16 bit mouse data packet, an ergonomic mouse fin, and most importantly, an independent 3D 6DOF command generation.

The affordable, patent protected 3D Game O' is intuitive, so the objects or camera view moves toward the same direction as the user's finger gesture, and is affordable for most PC users.

With 3D Game O', PC users can "fly through" Google Earth without using the on-screen navigation tab. In Google SketchUp, users can view the drawings by moving along and rotating about x, y, and z axes.

In FPS, 3D Game O' offers gamers a way to move forward, backward and sideways and jump, crouch, pitch, yaw, and roll without using the keyboard. Gamers' left hands are free to execute commands that were mutually exclusive with WASD keys. In RTS, gamers are able to issue game commands while simultaneously adjusting the screen view during online battles, since they no longer have to move the cursor to the edge of the screen in order to move the camera. In RPG, players can map their attacks to up to 16 programmable buttons.

In the US, Sandio's 3D gaming mouse is also marketed under the VisionTek brand name, XG6, and is available from,,,,, and Fry's Electronics' growing chain of stores. In Japan and Korea, Elecom Corporation of Osaka, Japan, offers a 3D laser mouse M-3DUR1, based on the Sandio's 3D input technology. In Taiwan, Sandio's 3D Game O' is distributed by Superlative Computer Service, Inc. 3D Game O' can also be purchased directly from Sandio and from In the coming weeks, Sandio plans to announce details of product availability in other countries and markets.

Sandio also offers a software developer's kit (SDK) that allows 3D game and 3D application developers to create new images with "6 degrees of freedom (6DOF)" moves that were previously impossible to execute.

The MSRP for Game O' in the US is $79.99. Sandio Technology will demo Game O' at Sands 72427 at Gaming TechZone. VisionTek will demo XG6 at their suite at MGM.

Dexin Corporation, Sandio's licensee, will also demo the 3D mouse of different industry design at Hilton 58047.

Sandio 3DEasy 3D input technology is applicable to a variety of industries and professions, including medical applications, robotics, aerospace, multimedia, virtual reality, process control, education and training, as well as the military.

About Sandio Technology Corporation

Sandio Technology Corp. is the owner of 3DEasy 3D Input Technology. Its current mission is to invent, design, develop and market a 3D mouse to enhance PC gamers' experience and professional users' productivity. Founded in 2004, the company is headquartered in San Jose, California.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jan 8, 2007
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