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Sand reclamation cost-savings worksheet.

The following sand reclamation cost-savings worksheet was prepared by the AFS Plant Engineering Committee (1-D). From it, one can determine the quantity of materials available for reclamation and identify the cost savings associated with any given sand reclamation system.

Generally, items 11 A and if B in the worksheet would be the quantity of sand available for reclamation. Each foundry will analyze the potential quantity of reclaimed sand against the quantity that is consumed and a factor for system losses experienced in the reclamation process.

The cost savings would then be the summation of:

* the cost of new sand being replaced by the reclaimed sand,

* plus waste hauling and landfill costs of the spent sand and core waste streams normally diverted to a reclamation system,

* minus the costs of hauling and landfilling the reclamation process waste products.

In order to perform a return on investment (ROI) calculation, or the payback period, it is necessary to estimate the capital equipment and installation costs. Also included in calculating the ROI is an estimate of annual operating costs (maintenance, spare parts, labor and utility costs), which then can be compared to the savings to be realized through sand reclamation.

AFS Plant Engineering Committee (1-D) Principal Author.- David E. Statler
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Title Annotation:Special Report: Sand Reclamation
Author:Statler, David E.
Publication:Modern Casting
Date:Aug 1, 1991
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