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Sand division dinner.

Quality is still our major business opportunity," in order to take advantage of it, today's manager will need to look at it in a completely new light and shake off many of our traditional views toward quality, according to Timothy Hitchcock, president and CEO, Hitchcock Industries.

One of the problems managers have in trying to improve the quality levels of their products, he says, is that they struggle between the trade off between cost and quality. Do higher quality castings really cost more than lower quality castings?

Hitchcock doesn't think so. Especially when you consider that the price of nonconformance to requirements can run as high as 25-40% of total sales.

In addressing the Annual Sand Division Dinner during the 94th AFS Casting Congress, Hitchcock said that when it comes to tackling quality issues, "too many managers rely on conventional wisdom. It's either 'that's the way we've always done it' syndrome, or 'this is the way everyone else is doing it' mindset."

What th is leads to, according to the 1988-89 president of AFS, is the institutionalization of errors. "The mistakes we made in the past are so often repeated that they actually become part of the production process.

"We also have a double standard when it comes to managing. We allow things to happen in our businesses that we would never stand for in our personal lives," Hitchcock maintains.

True product improvement cannot be accomplished through employee motivational programs. It is management that must take the first steps.

"Management must have a brain transplant. No one else is going to change until management does," Hitchcock said.
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Publication:Modern Casting
Date:Jun 1, 1990
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