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Sanctuary for the broken.

healing broken people, healing a broken world: Such are the aspirations of the ministries featured in this special section. Some of these take a global view, hoping to alleviate suffering worldwide from war, poverty and natural disasters by making people aware of injustices and what they can do to bring about change. Fr. Anthony Borwah and the radio station he directs is a voice for peace and justice in Liberia, a country still reeling from the effects of a civil war that ended in 1997. "The war continues in the hearts and minds of many," Borwah tells reporter Patricia Lefevere in the story on Page 2a. Radio Veritas--which reaches beyond Liberia into neighboring African countries--is one means to promote justice. peace and reconciliation.

Two other stories about efforts to bring peace focus on photojournalist Linda Panetta (Page 20a) with her photos of wartorn places such as Iraq, and the Global Fellows program (Page 10a), which sponsors priests who travel throughout the United States to preach about the work of Catholic Relief Services.

The men who tell their stories on Page 6a have had their lives broken by homelessness and addiction, some by the trauma of war. They have found a place to rest on the .long road to recovery at Unity Acres in Orwell, N.Y. Other ministries featured aim to provide healing to victims of sexual abuse (Page 14a) and to those whose mental health has suffered in time of war (Page 8a).

Finally, two writers offer perspectives on ministry within a church setting. On Page 5a, Luis Guillermo Pineda looks at what Catholic parishes could be doing to stop the loss of Hispanic Americans to evangelical churches. And on Page 16a, Karen O'Brien questions whether ordination is the bestpath for women called to ministry. She writes, "Sometimes the best way to be with the poor and vulnerable is to be a person walking as free as possible of the constraints of power, privilege and a title that is meant to carry authority."

--Catholic Sun/Paul Finch Unity Acres residents walk along a dirt road on the complex in Orwell, N.Y., in August.
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