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Sanctions not to deter N. Korea from firing missile.

MOSCOW, Aug. 5 Kyodo

Sanctions will have no effect in stopping North Korea from test-firing a new missile, Russia's Itar-Tass news agency reported Thursday, quoting a North Korean source in Beijing. "Sanctions against North Korea were imposed in the past, they are in force even now," the source said. "It is highly improbable that the situation will considerably worsen in this respect," the source added, belittling the impact of a threat of new sanctions. The source also said North Korea will pursue the test firing because it "has the same right as the United States and other countries to space explorations." The U.S. and Japan have repeatedly warned they will step up diplomatic sanctions against North Korea if it pushes ahead with reported plans to test-fire the Taepodong-2 ballistic missile, which is believed to have a range of up to 6,000 kilometers. On Aug. 31 last year, North Korea fired a three-stage rocket, part of which flew over Japan into the Pacific Ocean.
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Publication:Asian Political News
Date:Aug 9, 1999
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