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San Luis Obispo's "U-pick" Olallies.

San Luis Obispo's "U-pick' Olallies

Clustering around U.S. Highway 101 in San Luis Obispo County, four farms this month offer Olallie berries you can pick yourself. A blackberry variety with a sweet, nippy taste, the Olallie has a short season lasting from early June into July. So take the time now to stop, stretch, and gather a few basketfuls.

Picking is simple. Gently pull on a berry; if it comes off the bush easily, it's ripe. Then rush home to your berry projects-- after popping a few Olallies in your mouth, of course. The fruit spoils quickly, within two to three days.

We list established "U-pick' farms in the county. Call ahead to check availability and get specific directions. Berries cost about $1 per pound.

Paso Robles: Berry Hill, 7 miles east of Paso Robles on Linne Road; (805) 238-3612. Open 7 to 7 daily. Olallies are available for three to six weeks, starting in early June. Raspberries ripen about the same time, boysenberries two weeks later.

Atascadero: Pick-a-berry Ranch, 7250 Sycamore Road; (805) 461-3388. Open 7 to 7 daily. Berries available for a month, starting around June 20.

Santa Margarita area: Eggen Farms, 9210 Poplar Avenue in town of Garden Farms (3 miles north of Santa Margarita); (805) 438-5907 or 544-7968. Open daily 7 to 7 (possibly closed Mondays). Olallies for six weeks beginning June 10.

Nipomo: Kaminaka Farms, 945 Pomeroy Road; (805) 929-1374. Open 9 to 5 Tuesdays through Sundays. Olallies from early June to late July, when raspberries take over.

Photo: Abundant producers, Olallie vines offer plenty of berries under lower leaves--at a handy level for kids at Pick-a-berry Ranch
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Date:Jun 1, 1986
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