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San Juan top cop warns of impostor using his name; contractor fell for the modus.

By Jhon Aldrin Casinas

Even a ranking official of the Philippine National Police was not spared by the fraudulent bidding of an impostor who used the former's name to solicit money.

San Juan City Police chief Col. Arial Fulo has warned the public regarding individuals asking for favors and money using his name.

Fulo, who was assigned as the city's top cop last February 18, issued the stern warning following report of an impostor who used his name to solicit money from local officials.

"I vehemently condemn solicitation and more so the use of my name and program of the San Juan Police Station in doing illicit actions that are contrary to law and the interest of the public," Fulo said.

The police chief learned that a contractor from San Juan City Hall was victimized by a man who introduced himself as Fulo and asked for a cellphone load amounting to P15,000 on May 21.

The contractor said the man called him twice. He was eventually convinced that Fulo was the one contacting him so he sent the load to the phone number provided by the poser.

After this, the contractor lost contact with the man and it was then he realized that it was all a sham.

According to Fulo, no police personnel of San Juan City Police, including him, has requested for money or any form of solicitation.

The police chief has urged the public to report any unauthorized use of his name through 724-2515.

"Please be warned that the Office of San Juan Chief of Police does not authorize any official or personnel, to solicit money or any material gains in exchange for the funding of project proposals," Fulo said.


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Publication:Manila Bulletin
Date:May 24, 2019
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