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San Francisco approves fuel cell project.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission last week announced that it has approved a new agreement to design, permit and build the city's first fuel cell project.

The fuel cell project will be built at the SVPUC's Southeast Wastewater Treatment Plant, which will use a 600 kilowatt fuel cell to convert gases that are transmitted from the treatment process into electricity to be used to power the plant.

According to SFPUC spokesman Tony Winnicker, the process will also reduce the plant's need to flare or burn waste gas, which is expected to significantly reduce the plant's emissions in local neighborhoods.

Work on the fuel cell project is scheduled to begin in February, according to Winnicker. The agreement authorizes Otto H. Rosentreter Company and Alliance Power to partner in designing, permitting and building a $2.2 million molten carbonate fuel cell energy generation plant, with a five-year operation agreement.

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Date:Jan 16, 2007
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