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San Francisco Chapter hosts IRS Night. (Chapter News).

On Monday, January 13, the San Francisco Chapter held its annual IRS Night. The following representatives of the IRS attended the meeting: Joe Calderaro, Technical Coordinator for the Small Business and Self Employed (SBSE) Division; Diane Elm, Operations Manager, Account Management Operations I of the Ogden Service Center; Cliff Jernigan, Senior Industry Advisor to the Communications, Technology and Media Industry segment of the Large and Mid-Size Business (LMSB) Division; Barbara Leonard, Associate Area Counsel for Industry Programs in the Communications, Technology and Media Industry segment of LMSB; Jay Meyer, Territory Manager for the Communications, Technology and Media Industry segment of LMSB; and Laurel Robinson, Associate Area Counsel for the Communications, Technology and Media Industry segment of LMSB.

Joe Calderaro has been coordinating the Chapter's TEI/IRS Night for many years. Last year he received a Certificate of Award plaque from the Chapter for his many years of service in assisting with these functions.

Diane Elm discussed large corporation assistance, restricted interest, claims filed with the Ogden Service Center, and the large corporate filings, all of which are now filed in Ogden. She invited TEI members to call her or the managers she worked with if they had account problems or had claims that had been pending for over 90 days.

Cliff Jernigan discussed his role as a Senior Industry Advisor. He also announced the new Commissioner of the IRS, Mark W. Everson. Cliff also discussed various hot issues in which the other Senior Industry Advisors had been involved during the past few months.

The Chapter was pleased to have Cliff visit. Cliff is a former member of the Chapter, a founder of the Santa Clara Chapter, and first president of the Santa Clara Chapter.

Barbara Leonard discussed the different types of published guidance, including Technical Advice Memorandums, Technical Expedited Advice Memorandums, Background Advice Memorandums, etc.

Jay Meyer moderated the discussion and gave a presentation on Limited Issue Focused Exams (LIFE). The IRS announced this new program in IRS notice 2002-133 on December 4, 2002. The new program involved an agreement between the taxpayer and the IRS to limit the scope of the examination and thus conserve resources for both organizations.

Laurel Robinson manages the Special Trial Attorneys in San Francisco who try the large cases and provide advice and counsel to the revenue agents in LMSB.
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Publication:Tax Executive
Date:Mar 1, 2003
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